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Bpifrance Accélérateur Franco-Italien

ACTIA accelerates its international business with Bpifrance

…and its first participation in the “French-Italian Accelerator” programme.
The “Bpifrance Accelerator” programme is a customised scheme set up by Bpifrance to advise, train and network French SME and midcap managers. In 2021, ACTIA joined the first French-Italian Accelerator group and is now drawing positive conclusions from this first experience.

An initial session establishing contact with major players in the target markets

This group, organised by the Italian Caisse des Dépôts (CDP)with the backing of the French-Italian Chamber of Commerce, Team France Export and ELITE, is the first transalpine accelerator for French and Italian industrial SMEs and midcaps. It aims to help companies identify new development opportunities and expand their business in Italy.

With the support of its Italian subsidiary, the ACTIA Group is counting on this programme to reach new local customers in the very specific markets of micro-mobility, aeronautics, specialised machinery, and the distribution of multi-make diagnostic tools.

“We particularly wanted to enhance our knowledge of the specialised vehicle manufacturing sector. Our Italian subsidiary has already been very active in this segment for over 20 years with expertise in diagnostics and predictive maintenance (read about it : The natural laws of “Off-Highway*” electronic diagnostics). A number of its customers are leading construction and agricultural machinery brands. But there are still Italian manufacturers to be discovered and convinced regarding the range of solutions offered by ACTIA. The accelerator programme has been a “helping hand” for our Italian subsidiary and a new testing ground for the ACTIA Group.

The results of this initial participation are positive, because after the first session held between Milan and Paris, the programme has put us in touch with new target customers. I am confident that ACTIA Italia will follow up on the contacts established with the companies we met, some of which have shown great interest in ACTIA’s on-board electronic solutions,”

Explains David Elizalde, Director of New Programmes and International Development for the ACTIA Group.

With the Bpifrance French-Italian accelerator, ACTIA is cultivating its international momentum

With 25 companies in 16 countries, the ACTIA Group’s international dimension is an asset and an integral part of the corporate culture.

This international dimension is an advantage for supporting customers by specifically addressing their local challenges. It is also an advantage for the performance of the Group’s purchasing policy, industrial policy and innovation strategy.

“This is the first time ACTIA has used this type of programme to help it reach new international customers. It is an approach we have never used before. This experience shows that it is a very relevant way of supporting our subsidiaries’ actions.”

Says David Elizalde.

Cross-border synergies between France and Italy, potential for growth

The partnership between France and Italy is strong. Italy is France’s third largest partner and France is Italy’s second largest trading partner (Source: Bpifrance). This synergy between France and Italy is reaffirmed and its potential is being strengthened.

With a hundred or so “Accelerator” programmes already launched, Bpifrance has joined forces with the CDP (Italian Caisse des Dépôts). The aim is to support French and Italian companies in their international development.

The programme runs for 12 months and brings together 20 French and 20 Italian SME managers from the industrial sectors and services to industry.

The immersive programme is based on three focus areas:

  • – advice
  • – training
  • – and business matching.

The accelerator aims to address practical needs related to developing transalpine business relations.

For more information on the French-Italian “Accelerator” programme, please visit:

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