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ACTIA continues its commitment to on-board security in TER regional trains

After a successful test run on TER trains in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region (please read: ACTIA transforms security on trains.) ACTIA is implementing changes to its security solution on board TER trains with the help of a €150,000 subsidy from the Occitanie region under an Innovation Contract.

Digital technology to keep passengers safer throughout their journey

ACTIA is adding to its video protection system which has already been approved by SNCF for TER trains. This current platform enables all cameras to record on board and their footage to be viewed in real time on the ground at the control centre. It is also the first video protection system on board trains which is connected in real time.

Based on neural networks, Artificial Intelligence and Deep-Learning algorithms allow moving objects to be tracked in a video scene (MOT: Multiple Object Tracking).

Recorder hub

The smart system analyses the video footage from each camera and detects and reports potentially dangerous behaviour.
For example, it distinguishes:

  • – Abandoned luggage
  • – Unusual or risky situations (assaults, anti-social behaviour)
  • – Individuals remaining on trains returning to the depot, etc.
  • – Camera integrity.

The automatic detection of such events simplifies the job of security guards who have to react immediately in front of their huge walls of images that are continuously supplied with an increasing number of videos.

Security on TER trains

The surveillance cameras record high-quality images that can be used to identify suspects and conduct investigations. Smart video surveillance is an indispensable tool for increasing passenger safety on trains, preventing incidents and ensuring passengers have a safe and pleasant journey.

Hardware platforms

In addition to the video detection features, the contract also includes the development of:

  • – A smart intercom system, capable of efficiently capturing warning messages from passengers, with echo cancellation through digital signal processing and accurate and highly intelligible reproduction of audio messages to passengers
  • – A CPU (Central Processing Unit) for implementing the neural network (architecture adapted to the analyses required)
  • – A hardware platform with a controlled life span, with a Full HD camera optimised for the application, with complete control of all its components.

The Components observatory: 15 years of experience

ACTIA’s expertise in obsolescence management and in-service support is an asset that guarantees ACTIA’s railway partners optimal monitoring and management of product obsolescence. ACTIA is in fact one of the few players in the market to have an organisation dedicated to analysing and managing component obsolescence: the Components observatory.

Learn more about ACTIA’s Components laboratory: ACTIA accelerates its resilience plan to face the components crisis.

The benefits of the solution for “Smart and Sustainable Mobility”

The video protection solution meets the growing need for security on board trains. It makes it possible to:

  • – Increase the efficiency of the police force by enabling them to respond quickly in suspicious situations and/or before incidents occur
  • – Improve the punctuality of TER trains, by immediately detecting situations that may cause delays to timetables, such as abandoned objects, which are the main cause of train delays for the SNCF (source: SNCF).

By reducing delays and improving on-board security, passengers are more likely to use trains for their journeys, which has the direct consequence of reducing road traffic and carbon emissions from motoring.

The ACTIA solution is therefore in line with the strategic objectives defined by the Occitanie region for smart and sustainable mobility.

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