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Héla Bajouco

Immersed in the world of industry with passion and determination

Héla Bajouco

At just 38 years old, Héla Bajouco is a perfect example of industrial excellence and professional growth within ACTIA. As Head of Industrial Engineering, she plays a key role in promoting the factory of the future and progress within the company. In this article, she gives us an inspiring insight into her career and her vision of modern industry. She shares the challenges she has faced, the opportunities she has seized and the values that guide her leadership of her team. Immerse yourself in Héla Bajouco’s world and be inspired by her remarkable career and her contagious passion for industrial production.

A lightning ascent within ACTIA

Since joining ACTIA in 2017 as Industrial Project Manager, Héla Bajouco has seized every opportunity to excel and grow professionally. After just two years, she was promoted to Head of Industrial Development and in November 2022 became Head of Industrial Engineering. Heading up a team of 62 people, she is also a member of the ACTIA Automotive Executive Committee. Her career is living proof that ACTIA offers real opportunities for advancement for those who demonstrate determination and skill.

“At ACTIA, there are opportunities for career development and hard work pays off.”

Industrial excellence as a priority

  • As Head of Industrial Engineering, Héla Bajouco is responsible for promoting industrial excellence within the ACTIA group. She focuses on two major areas:
  • – design for manufacturing
  • – and proximity to the group’s four production plants.

By working closely with the design office, she ensures that products are designed which are suitable for manufacturing, combining quality and competitive pricing: putting the customer at the centre of the group’s interests. She therefore works actively with the group’s various plants to set up high-performance industrial tools and ensure that they operate efficiently. Her passion for industry lies in bringing projects to life, from the design phase through to prototyping and factory production.

“Manufacturing is something tangible. In my department, we support every stage in the creation of a product: from its design to its industrial manufacturing in our factories. It’s a noble profession which I think is wonderful.” 

A demanding but exciting job

Héla Bajouco’s industrial line of work is both rewarding and demanding. As the final link in the development cycle chain, she needs to be resilient against the challenges and pressures that come with her role. Digitalisation, the factory of the future and the introduction of automation and robotics are major challenges that motivate her.

The key role of Industrial Project Managers and NPIs in the factory of the future

In the context of the factory of the future, Héla Bajouco stresses the importance of the Industrial Project Manager and NPI (New Product Introduction) in the implementation of new technologies and innovative industrial processes. They are responsible for analysing and optimising production methods, introducing automation and robotics and finding solutions to improve production line efficiency and productivity.

Héla Bajouco recognises the importance of training and encouraging Industrial Project Managers to develop these key skills. Their ability to manage industrial projects and implement new technologies is crucial to ensuring that the company remains competitive in a constantly changing world.

Ambassador for the inclusion of women in industry

In the world of manufacturing, which is often perceived as male-dominated, Héla Bajouco stands out as a shining example of success for women. As Head of Industrial Engineering, she endeavours to shatter preconceived notions by highlighting that women have their rightful place and value in this field. Her own career path is living proof that talent, skill, and passion have no gender.

Héla Bajouco makes a point of promoting the inclusion of women in industry. She aspires to recruit more women to her team, recognising the richness that diversity brings in terms of outlook and talent. She wants to encourage women to enter the exciting world of manufacturing, where they can flourish and excel to the same degree as their male colleagues.

Her determination to break down gender barriers is paving the way for a new generation of women to achieve their full potential in industry.

“I hope to recruit more women to my team. This is something I really care about, and I encourage all industry professionals to join us.” 

Diversity at the heart of ACTIA’s projects

At ACTIA, the varied nature of the projects spurs Héla Bajouco on every day. The group works in a wide variety of sectors, including rail, automotive, aerospace and energy, offering a wide range of industrial resources and solutions. For those who love technology, factories, and manufacturing, ACTIA represents a real opportunity for professional fulfilment. Héla encourages anyone who shares this passion to join her team and gain valuable experience.

Héla Bajouco is a perfect example of both industrial excellence and professional growth within ACTIA. Her inspiring story shows that hard work and determination lead to success. Her passion for industry and her role as Head of Industrial Engineering have made her a key figure in the group. Through her commitment to diversity, she aims to encourage more women to join the industrial sector. Héla Bajouco is an inspiring example to all those looking to thrive in modern industry and rise to the challenges of the factory of the future.

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