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TIM UPS INSA, victorious at the Shell Eco-Marathon world championship.

ACTIA, sponsor of the TIM UPS INSA team, is extremely proud to celebrate the victory of TIM 07 in the Shell Eco-Marathon DWC (Driver’s World Championship) that took place in Bangalore, India, from 10 to 12 October 2023. This victory is testament to the exceptional commitment, ingenuity, and innovation of the TIM team, flying the flag for their sponsor, ACTIA, in the world’s most prestigious competition dedicated to eco-mobility.

The Shell Eco-Marathon DWC in India: The Very Best of Global Eco-Mobility

The Shell Eco-Marathon DWC in India is an exceptional automotive event, bringing together teams from all over the world to compete against each other in the Urban Concept category. This competition series is all about designing and building ultra-energy-efficient vehicles to be put to the test in trials on the track. More than ever, this event showcases ingenuity, innovation, and commitment in the name of our planet’s future.

Three Decisive Trials for Victory: Mileage Challenge, Time Trial, and World Championship Race.

The competition took place over three jam-packed days, inviting teams to compete in three different trials:

1. Mileage Challenge: the goal was to cover a given distance in the allocated time using as little energy as possible. Despite some technical issues, TIM 07 achieved an exceptional performance of 116 km/KWh, topping the Electric battery category and coming second overall.

2. Time Trial: Based on the amount of energy used in the first event, the goal of this time trial was to complete a lap of the track as quickly as possible. TIM 07 set a record time of 1 minute 33 seconds, putting the team in first place and securing pole position for the world championship race.

3. World Championship Race: TIM 07 put in an exceptional performance in this pivotal trial, crossing the finish line in first place after a close race with a gap of less than a second over the 10 laps, winning the title of 2023 World Champions.

TIM 07: An Exceptional Urban Concept

TIM 07 is an urban concept crafted from a meticulous design process. It was designed between 2010 and 2015, weighing just 66 kg, making it the lightest vehicle in its category in the world. Over the years, TIM 07 has been powered by an ethanol engine, setting a world record with a fuel consumption of 711 km/l, then, in 2018, it was fitted with an electric engine, setting a new category record with 188 km/kWh.

TIM 07
TIM 07 – photo copyright TIM UPS INSA

A Dedicated Team, Invaluable Support and A Long-awaited Reward

The TIM 07 team accomplished this feat thanks to the collective effort of their dedicated members and the support of their partners and sponsors, including ACTIA, which has been a loyal supporter for 26 years.

“We’re grateful to everyone who made this victory possible, and we can’t wait to accept our reward: a visit to Ferrari’s Maranello workshops in February 2024.” 


This victory epitomises the excellence, innovation, and dedication of the TIM UPS INSA team, and ACTIA is proud to see them carry the title of Shell Eco-Marathon 2023 World Champions. They embody the future of sustainable mobility and ingenuity in the name of the environment.


TIM UPS INSA is a team of students and engineers dedicated to designing and building ultra-energy-efficient vehicles. Based in Toulouse, the team regularly takes part in eco-mobility competitions and aims to promote innovative solutions to today’s environmental challenges.

To find out more about TIM UPS INSA, visit

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