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Fully integrated at ACTIA you will be.

Are you joining or interested in joining ACTIA? Welcome! Entering a new professional environment can be challenging, but it also represents an opportunity to learn and grow. And like Yoda, a sage among the Jedi, it is by exploring new avenues and adapting to challenges that excellence can be achieved. In this article, we will look at the different stages in the ACTIA onboarding process, highlighting those key moments in the process that will enable you to successfully navigate your new or future work environment. So come along to find out how to make your ACTIA onboarding journey a success.

To ensure that our new employees have a positive experience, we have designed an onboarding process that is informative, fun and immersive. We are committed to welcoming our new employees by giving them all the keys to learning about our company and understanding its culture through a dedicated onboarding process. It includes interaction with the various teams and managers, a mentoring programme, a series of face-to-face and e-learning training sessions, and an induction day in a really friendly atmosphere, with a visit to the head office and our factory in Colomiers. This ensures that we implement the actions necessary for our new employees to succeed.”

Explains Danaé Weill, Human Resources Officer.

Alone you will never be.

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In its updated onboarding process, ACTIA assigns every new recruit hired on a permanent contract to an employee mentor whose role is to guide the new recruit during the first few months after being hired.

Employees who enrol to be mentors do so in writing by signing our “Mentor Charter”. This is a support contract that binds the mentor to the new recruit for three months. They agree to help the new recruit with the very practical issues of life in the company and also help to develop their internal network. The mentor system principle facilitates relationships between employees. It is during these informal conversations—often at lunch or over coffee breaks—that trusting relationships are established, and where the new employee feels comfortable asking all the questions that they might not considered asking in any other context,” Danaé points out.

An induction day you will have.

The induction day is a special moment in the onboarding process. We have created this day with a ‘year group’ vibe and an informal, friendly atmosphere. The focus is on conversation and sharing regardless of hierarchical level or position in the company, seeing as members of the management committee are involved in this day.

At the beginning of the day, new employees participate in an ice breaker activity to get to know each other through their jobs and to put everyone at ease. This is really effective.

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We are also convinced that managers play a key role in welcoming new employees. This is why Jean-Louis Pech, CEO of the ACTIA Group, takes part in each induction day and introduces himself personally to the new recruits. This is an opportunity for him not only to explain the company’s mission and vision, but also to get to know his new employees individually,” explains Danaé.

The lunch break is also an important time of the day for getting to know the group of new employees, the managers present and the members of the Human Resources Department. A cocktail reception is organised, which is always very popular.

Then it’s time to visit the sites. New employees experience an immersive journey through the showroom, the design offices and the Colomiers factory. The visit is peppered with comments from expert employees, who convey their passion for the profession and the products they design, develop or manufacture. A very real way of understanding the company’s activities and organisation.

“I am delighted to talk about my induction day into ACTIA, a very enriching experience. This day was marked by many positive points which helped to make me feel at ease and to better understand the business of the company.
First of all, I had the chance to visit the two sites of Pouvourville and Colomiers, which allowed me to better understand the different teams and their areas of expertise. This visit gave me a concrete insight into the activities carried out by the company and the various departments involved in these activities.
Then, I had the opportunity to get to know some members of the CODIR in a relaxed setting and with instructive and constructive exchanges in a friendly atmosphere and in a climate of mutual trust. This meeting was very beneficial for me, because I was able to ask all the questions I wanted and obtain clear and precise answers on the history of the company, its objectives and its values.
In addition, I particularly appreciated the team spirit that was highlighted throughout the day. Management introduced us to the history of the company and the values that guide it, which reinforced my sense of belonging to this company. Finally, all the tools presented by the HR department are very useful for taking our first steps in a new company. »

Gnima, on-site test engineer at the factory ACTIA Colomiers.

Well trained you will be.

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At ACTIA, a whole range of tools is available to new employees so they can familiarise themselves with the company, its history, its products and its culture. ACTIA has a catalogue of online and face-to-face training courses, such as those on inclusion and disability at work, confidentiality, cybersecurity, GDPR, etc. Some training courses are designed for management positions. They are intended to help managers in their day-to-day work.

These training courses are helpful for gaining a greater understanding of the company. They familiarise employees with ACTIA’s system and processes, and they also help to develop professional relationships and the internal peer support network,”

says Danaé.

Your opinion you will give.

Onboarding must also enable new employees to provide feedback. ACTIA has introduced fresh eyes reports to collect their impressions. The feedback provides key information for optimising the organisation and represents a real wellspring for improving the company.

“I have excellent memories of this integration day which was both dense in information and rich in exchanges. It was a day that surprised me with the quality of the speakers and confirmed my choices and my motivation to join Actia.
I particularly appreciated the presence of Jean Louis PECH, his ability to listen and the interest shown in each of our exchanges. I had the opportunity to integrate other ETIs into my professional career, but this is the first time that I have felt a sincerity in putting “human value” at the heart of the company.
I also salute the investment of the design office and production teams at the Colomiers plant, who spent nearly two hours with us to introduce us to all the products, production lines and multiple areas of expertise. ACTIA.
If the culture of Rugby is very present in Toulouse and team spirit is a strong value at ACTIA, the message has also got through in this regard. This day was an opportunity to forge different links with newcomers and it was in pairs that we lent ourselves to the game of the questionnaire combining seriousness and relaxation. The opportunity to rely on the skills of each in their diversity.
I have found that the accompaniment by a referent person is also a very good idea. When you arrive in a company, you have a lot of questions and it’s nice to find someone other than the people in your department to answer all your questions about the practical operation of the company. I hope to become a referent in my turn because it is a great initiative. »

Cécile, sales assistant in the VEA Department (Vehicle Electronic Architecture).

Whether you are looking for your first professional experience or are already experienced, whatever your speciality or location, our career site is YOUR place to find the ACTIA job that matches your career plan:

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