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Diagnostic sécurisé

Multi-Diag “Diagnostic Sécurisé” certification by the FIEV…

…proof of the reliability of Multi-Diag 360 multi-make diagnostic solutions.
For ACTIA, being awarded the FIEV “Diagnostic Sécurisé” (Secure Diagnostics) certification is evidence of the exceptional quality and flawless methodology of ACTIA’s multi-make diagnostic development teams. For more than two decades, Multi-Diag has been the partner of choice for aftermarket professionals, offering innovative and reliable solutions that provide seamless access to vehicle data.

Using Multi-Diag for your diagnostics means they are secure

The FIEV “Diagnostic Sécurisé” certification provides vehicle repair and maintenance operators — users of multi-make solutions — with the guarantee of a response that complies with the legal environment and the constraints imposed by manufacturers in the use of diagnostic data.

  • With this commitment charter, the FIEV aims to create a standard for:
  • – maintaining vehicle integrity by following best industry practice for repairs
  • – promoting competitiveness and effective competition in the repair market, in accordance with the existing regulatory framework.

The FIEV endorsement is for aftermarket professionals to perform diagnostics based on legal and compliant “manufacturer data”. This badge of approval therefore guarantees the origin of the data to all Multi-Diag users, which increases their confidence when diagnosing and repairing vehicles safely with the ACTIA tool.

Certification FIEV

The historical reliability of ACTIA’s manufacturer data

ACTIA invented the first automotive diagnostic tool in 1985 and is a pioneer in the field of vehicle diagnostic tools. Since then, the group has continued to evolve and increase its collaborations to become a preferred partner of the major car manufacturers. These long-standing collaborations with manufacturers have enabled ACTIA to develop cutting-edge expertise in the field of manufacturer data.

The manufacturer data provided by ACTIA is therefore reliable, offering professionals an effective diagnostic solution for quick and accurate vehicle repairs. This historical reliability of manufacturer data is also one of the reasons why ACTIA is now a leader in the field of automotive diagnostic tools and has been awarded the FIEV label.

“ACTIA has always offered solutions based on legal and compliant data. We apply the same level of quality to all our solution families. Multi-Diag 360 has been offering this type of content quality since it was created in 2003, and now this label is a legal affirmation of this,” 

Explains Sébastien Thiriez, Sales and Distribution Manager.
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