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Ymagine Bikes and ACTIA

Ymagine Bikes and ACTIA: the technological alliance…

…behind the “Voyageur Connecté”.
Ymagine Bikes and ACTIA reveal some insights into their strategic partnership that has given rise to the “Voyageur Connecté” [Connected Traveller] electrically assisted bicycle. In an exclusive interview, Matthieu Gayral, Commercial Director at Ymagine Bikes, and Hervé Dufresne, Marketing and Sales Manager for ACTIA’s Micromobility activity, share the key moments in their collaboration, underlining innovation, mutual trust and technology to improve the user experience. Find out how this alliance resulted in the first serial-production bicycle with a mid-motor developed by ACTIA.

How did the partnership between Ymagine Bikes and ACTIA come about for the development of the “Voyageur Connecté” electric bicycle?

Matthieu Gayral: “We first met at the Prodays 2022 trade show, when Ymagine was looking for a European partner to supply a mid-motor as part of a project for a new model of electric bicycle, with planned production of between 500 and 1,000 units per year. That’s where we came across ACTIA, a French equipment manufacturer based in Toulouse. ACTIA not only offered an attractive technical motorisation solution but also unexpected connectivity, advancing the promise of a very exciting partnership.”

Hervé Dufresne:We met on the ACTIA stand, where our shared values and desire for innovative solutions generated an immediate synergy. ACTIA was able to meet their needs by offering a comprehensive solution based on its new mid-motor, its built-in battery and connectivity: definitely the icing on the cake.”

Ymagine Bikes : Voyageur connecté

Why did you choose ACTIA’s solutions?

Matthieu Gayral: “ACTIA’s technical solution really appealed to us on a number of levels. First, the solutions are good value for money, but also the weight of the motor and its noise quality thoroughly met the essential criteria in the interests of the user. However, above and beyond these technical aspects, it was ACTIA’s capacity to support us with our project that was a determining factor. The team’s tailored guidance, plus the proximity with ACTIA, was of crucial importance to Ymagine. As an SME, working with a major group like ACTIA, an electronics expert with over 30 years of experience, has been a catalyst for Ymagine. The smooth interaction and constant availability of the teams reinforced our choice and contributed to the success of our collaboration.”

Hervé Dufresne:We are delighted to be working with Ymagine, an agile company. Their confidence in ACTIA for a product at the pre-serial production stage was a strong commitment that we appreciated. The close relationship and effortless communication with their teams have strengthened our partnership. As an intermediate-sized group, ACTIA has the flexibility required to adapt to different organisations and companies of various sizes. This agility has been a major bonus during our collaboration, enabling us to gain an in-depth understanding of Ymagine’s specific needs and to be as responsive as possible in developing tailor-made solutions.”

Ymagine Bikes : Voyageur connecté

Tell us about the key advantages of ACTIA’s mid-motor on Ymagine Bikes’s “Voyageur Connecté” electric bicycle.

Matthieu Gayral: “ACTIA mid-motor met our needs perfectly for a utility and sports bicycle. Its 85 Nm of power, 500 Wh battery and its flexibility exceeded our expectations, delivering fluid and natural assistance. Designed for a variety of uses, the “Voyageur Connecté” is ideal for commuting, weekend getaways, cycling on towpaths, shopping and a whole lot more. The mid-motor offers exceptional versatility, allowing for the use of accessories such as trailers and child seats, etc. Thanks to its power, the geometry of the frame, the suspension and the wide tyres, our bicycle delivers an optimal riding experience in a variety of situations.”

Hervé Dufresne: “Our mid-motor was selected in close collaboration with Ymagine, taking their specific needs into account. This co-innovation approach has been pivotal. The mid-motor is greatly appreciated by users for its flexibility and comfort during use. We have involved Ymagine at every stage in refining our solutions, a close collaboration that has helped optimise the ACTIA mid-motor on the bicycle to achieve the best results.”

Ymagine Bikes : Voyageur connecté

What impact does ACTIA’s connectivity have on the user experience with Ymagine Bikes’s “Voyageur Connecté”?

Matthieu Gayral: “The ACTIA app customised for Ymagine, accessible online, offers a full experience with useful settings, a clear speed display, self-diagnostics and bicycle geolocation. It offers a smooth and intuitive experience, with advanced features such as recording trips and tracking popular routes for cyclists in the region. This advanced ergonomic design is a real asset for our brand, enabling us to offer a high-quality connected bicycle at a competitive price.”

Hervé Dufresne:Connectivity plays a key role in the user experience. The combination of practical features such as the dashboard, multi-level diagnostics and updates, together with carefully designed ergonomics, means that Ymagine can provide its customers—retailers and users alike—with an exceptional connected EAB. Ymagine is also benefiting from all of ACTIA’s telematics expertise through this application; solutions that have proved their worth in ACTIA’s long-standing automotive markets.”

To sum up

Matthieu Gayral: “ACTIA is a key supplier and partner, and our alliance has enabled us to turn a corner in terms of technology and people by meeting the growing demand for geolocation from our customers. Their expertise in telematics, with solutions such as the built-in beacon, strengthens our positioning. We particularly value our close relationship and the way we work on a human scale.”

Hervé Dufresne:This collaboration extends beyond the current product. ACTIA has the capacity to support Ymagine as it evolves and develops, and to generate ongoing innovation, particularly in the field of connectivity. I believe that our partnership will be a long-term one. It is a project that is rich on a human level and in line with the Group’s values. We are sure that our mutual trust and technological expertise will help to make the “Voyageur Connecté” a real success, with Origine France Garantie certification.”

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