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The “ACTIA Inside” strategy

All the features that make a vehicle “smart” require on-board systems. Systems management software is a major component of vehicle development costs. It is this creation of value that ACTIA wishes to promote by combining:

  • – Technological & Industrial Excellence ,
  • – Connected & intelligent electronic systems ,
  • – Augmented on-board systems.

Through its “ACTIA Inside” strategy, the group aims to become THE benchmark in on-board electronics for its customers.

On-board electronics: an essential component of vehicles

ACTIA uses its technological and industrial know-how to offer its customers a range of multi-market technological products and solutions such as:

  • – Command and control computers ;
  • – Human Machine Interfaces ;
  • – Connectivity platforms ;
  • – Power converters ;
  • – On-board multimedia solutions ;
  • – Satcom terminals & power amplifiers ;
  • – Energy distribution & management solutions ;
  • – Connected services for vehicle diagnostics, management & operation.

Its technological know-how covers:

  • – Connected electronic architecture ;
  • – System and software architecture ;
  • – Power electronics ;
  • – Electronic diagnostics ;
  • – Telecommunications.

ACTIA’s on-board architecture streamlines complex, multi-application systems with assisted security. It is the driving force behind on-board and connected infrastructures. ACTIA systems are powerful, versatile, scalable, and synonymous with quality.

Services that make a difference

In addition to products and solutions, ACTIA offers a range of associated services that demonstrate its expertise in electronics:

  • Redesign to Deliver Programme ;
  • – Operational Safety & Cybersecurity Compliance ;
  • – Data Management & Digitalisation ;-
  • – Procurability and Sustainability Analysis ;
  • – Observatory and Component Management ;
  • – Regulatory compliance and certification ;
  • – Local to international project support.

By anticipating the challenges of the vehicle of the future and proposing a new generation of electronic architecture, ACTIA is strengthening its position as an expert in on-board electronics for its customers.

ACTIA Inside’s solutions contribute to the major challenges in all its markets

  • Agriculture & Construction: machines that combine performance and safety.
    Road & rail transport: cars, trains, buses, HGVs and vans for safe, comfortable and environmentally friendly travel.
  • Micromobility: individual, compact, light and 100% electric mobility.
  • Aviation & Space: planes and satellites to connect people.
  • Energy: the management and supervision of intelligent energy distribution networks.

ACTIA is positioned as THE benchmark brand for on-board electronics on its markets

The preponderance of software in electronics and the increasing criticality of systems are an opportunity for ACTIA to position itself with buyers and specifiers as a strong “ingredient” brand, bringing value to the final product in which it is embedded.

So, in a nod to a famous brand that managed to turn a hidden product into a household name, ACTIA is building on its “ACTIA Inside” value creation strategy to make its brand the best choice in on-board systems.

For more than 30 years, ACTIA has been working with its customers to meet the technological and industrial challenges of vibrant, value-creating, increasingly complex and sustainable electronics.
In this sustainable and productive relationship, the group takes prides in moving towards and building a more socially, economically, and environmentally responsible mobility, towards a world that chooses to work for its future.

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