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QLWC week

QLWC: A week that was good for us!

The Quality of Life and Working Conditions (QLWC) week at ACTIA was a success thanks to our collective efforts. Events and themed webinars were held at all ACTIA sites in France, highlighting everyone’s commitment to employee well-being. Organised during National QLWC Week, under the aegis of ANAC, the French Agency for the Improvement of Working Conditions, this initiative was of key importance in ACTIA’s overall approach to promoting health and well-being at work. The activities employees were offered, based on the “Good for me, good for us” concept, helped to promote quality of working life and strengthen cohesion within the company.

A word from Jean-François Calmels, Group Deputy CEO in charge of CSR

Before we find out more about these activities, here’s a word from Jean-François Calmels, Group Deputy CEO in charge of CSR, about the Group’s commitment to well-being in the workplace.

I would like to express my thanks to everyone involved in organising this Quality of Life and Working Conditions week at ACTIA. Their commitment helped make this event a success by creating enjoyable opportunities for discussing issues such as QLWC, which ACTIA wishes to promote among its employees. We know that good health, well-being and safety for everyone are of paramount importance. Here at ACTIA, we wish to improve well-being at work by fostering an environment where everyone feels fulfilled and valued. We want to nurture and grow a corporate culture that contributes to achieving the right work-life balance for everyone. One where ideas are shared, successes are celebrated, and mental/physical well-being is taken seriously. We will do our utmost to contribute to such a momentum on a global scale, beyond the borders of our company. We are convinced that Health and Well-being are essential to the sustainable development of our company and its ecosystem. Thank you to all ACTIA employees for actively participating in this rewarding week.”


QVCT : bon pour notre alimentation

During this QLWC week at ACTIA, employees benefited from actions aimed at promoting a balanced diet. Fruit handouts were organised, where employees were offered fruit during their breaks to recharge their batteries. The company catering service offered special, tasty and balanced meat-free meals, highlighting the importance of a healthy diet.


Bien dans son corps

Physical activity was at the heart of ACTIA’s QLWC week. Employees had the chance to take part in a wide range of stimulating activities. Some entered the Sport and Nature Challenge at Domaine Les Ormes in Brittany, where companies came together for sporting events testing team cohesion, physical strength and logic. Others took advantage of stretching workshops or explored the various sporting activities offered by ACTIA’s sports clubs. For some, it was an opportunity to discover and learn about yoga, a discipline renowned for its benefits in terms of relaxation, flexibility and stress management. These initiatives enabled employees to take care of their body and mind during a restorative break.


ACTIA’s QLWC week provided an opportunity to highlight issues that are essential to our well-being at work through informative and interactive webinars on time management and psychosocial risks.

Time management: watch out for stress

Time management at work can have a significant impact on mental health, and on stress in particular. As part of ACTIA’s QLWC week, employees were able to attend a specific webinar on time management and its connection with mental health, including advice on how to organise schedules better and avoid overloaded diaries.

Psychosocial Risks: stay vigilant

Webinars were also offered on Psychosocial Risks (PSR) in companies and on occupational health. Employees were able to find out about the individual and collective impact of PSR, as well as methods for identifying them and taking preventive action. Another webinar looked at the concept of occupational health, highlighting indicators and best practice for improving the quality of working life. There was also an interactive and fun quiz on occupational health, promoting a better understanding of this matter.


Tous cap

Inclusion is a value that ACTIA holds dear.ACTIA’s “Tous Cap” disability at work committee, already very active throughout the year, was also on hand during the QLWC week. The committee invited colleagues to play the interactive game “Handi Poursuite” from AGEFIPH (French association responsible for managing development funds for the professional integration of people with disabilities), thereby increasing their knowledge of disability and raising their awareness of inclusion while having fun.

To play it, go to:


Notre environnement

Since our environment plays an important role in our quality of life, ACTIA’s QLWC week also highlighted the need to preserve our living space for a sustainable future. An exhibition on water made employees in Toulouse and Colomiers aware of the benefits of this precious resource for our health and our ecosystem. At the same time, an environment quiz was held on the topics of digital technology, energy and climate change, with the prize being an electric bicycle equipped by ACTIA, encouraging employees to adopt environmentally friendly mobility.

This week, packed with a variety of activities geared towards individual and collective well-being, was met with great enthusiasm by all ACTIA employees. Their active participation and satisfaction show the importance given to health and well-being in the workplace. As chance would have it, Make Music Day was also celebrated at ACTIA with lively musical events featuring employees, talented musicians, who provided their colleagues with a festive atmosphere and moments of connection within the ACTIA community. Thank you all for this week!

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