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Busworld Digital Awards

ACTIA ACTiVi nominated for the Busworld Digital Awards

ACTIA’s on-board central control unit for infotainment.
ACTIA is pleased to announce that its ACTiVi centralised infotainment solution has been nominated for the inaugural Busworld Digital Awards in the “Digital On Board Comfort” category.
This innovation, which creates synergy with all the vehicle’s functions, enhances driving comfort and the on-board experience.
This nomination attests to ACTIA’s long-standing expertise in vehicle architecture, driver cockpits, and on-board systems. It also underscores the Group’s commitment to technological innovation benefiting mobility.

Nominated in the “Digital On-Board Comfort” category for Busworld Digital Awards

ACTiVi’s nomination for the Busworld Digital Awards is in keeping with the “Digital On-Board Comfort*” category. This category rewards on-board digital solutions that enhance the comfort and experience of drivers and their passengers.

ActiVi Busworld Digital Awards

ACTiVi is ideally suited to meeting these challenges. Combined with a control screen and connected to the vehicle’s equipment (driver and passenger screens, speakers, etc.), it can be used to manage all the infotainment functions on board.

Connected to the vehicle’s other ECUs, ACTiVi can be used to manage a wide range of functions such as cameras, navigation, door opening and closing, HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning), and more …. optimising both driving comfort and the passenger experience.

A multi-market solution for buses and coaches

ACTiVi is available in two versions to meet the specific requirements of buses and coaches:

  • ACTiVi-H, designed for the coach market,
  • ACTiVi-L, optimised for city and intercity buses.

For enhanced modularity, ACTIA ACTiVi offers a modular software configuration for maximum customisation and compatibility with the functional requirements of the vehicles.

Thanks to its compact design, ACTiVi takes up very little space in vehicles, offering significant savings in terms of space and weight.
This compactness also simplifies customisation and integration into different vehicles and dashboard configurations.

ACTIA ACTiVi fully reflects the new standard for the driver cockpit: the digital cockpit

The ACTiVi control unit configures the digital dashboard by centralising and distributing the functions managed on the control displays.

To satisfy the surge in demand for on-board comfort and safety, numerous control and command functions have been developed and can be accessed from the driver cockpit. These functions require more and more on-board equipment (cameras, sensors, screens, etc.), systems, and multi-mode controls (manual and tactile).

Thanks to its ultra-ergonomic, optimised approach, the digital cockpit simplifies the configuration, management, and control of the driver cockpit. For the driver, it is an invaluable driving aid. It is also the answer to new standards of comfort and safety for everyone.

Having made significant inroads in the light vehicle market, the digital dashboard is now the new cockpit standard for buses and coaches. It meets the growing needs of drivers and passengers in terms of driving comfort, connectivity, safety, and efficiency. With ACTiVi and its digital cockpit, ACTIA is positioning itself with a high-performance response tailored to this new market standard.

ACTiVi perfectly embodies ACTIA’s desire to offer innovative solutions that enable manufacturers to equip passenger transport vehicles in a way that best meets not only their on-board vehicle architecture challenges, but also the needs of their operator customers, in particular the comfort and safety of drivers and passengers. As a result, ACTIA is positioning itself as an expert technological and industrial partner for all players in the public transport market.

Discover ACTiVi on the ACTIA stand at BUSWORLD Brussels 2023
Stand: hall 4 stand 409

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