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Agritechnica 2023


At Agritechnica 2023, ACTIA’s stand will be showcasing its comprehensive expertise in Augmented Architecture and Vehicle Lifecycle Management, driven by the Group’s technological and industrial excellence.

ACTIA is a leading equipment supplier specialising in E/E architecture and on-board systems, helping vehicle manufacturers to design vehicles based on a new on-board architecture known as SDV (Software Defined Vehicle) architecture. ACTIA’s Augmented Architecture and its range of services based on the use of vehicle data to manage the vehicle’s lifecycle form the basis of solutions for its manufacturer partners and, by extension, for farmers.
ACTIA is therefore reinforcing its strong value proposition for all professionals in the agricultural sector.

Find below an extract from the Agritechnica 2023 Press Kit.

ACTIA expertise from augmented architecture to vehicle lifecycle management

ACTIA’s Augmented Architecture represents a major advance in vehicle connectivity, paving the way for the deployment of services based on vehicle data (Data-Driven Services). One of the key areas benefiting from this connectivity is precision farming. This approach relies on the use of real-time data from agricultural vehicles: to optimize agricultural operations, thereby improving productivity and sustainability.
By collecting and analyzing data from machines and their attachments, farmers can accurately and efficiently adjust parameters such as fertilizer distribution, irrigation and crop monitoring.

ACTIA’s architecture makes it possible to fully exploit this data, offering considerable competitive advantages to manufacturers and users of these vehicles: while contributing to more intelligent and environmentally friendly agriculture.

New standard of driving position: digital cabin by ACTIA

ACTIA’s digital cab transforms the driving experience by offering advanced functions, intuitive ergonomics, and seamless connectivity.

The digital cab is part of the augmented architecture

The augmented architecture provides a solid basis for managing and developing the digital cockpit. It allows greater flexibility, increased customisation, easier integration of new functions and more efficient updates, improving the driving experience and the overall value of the vehicle for drivers.

Greater safety comfort

To satisfy the surge in demand for on-board comfort and safety in vehicles, numerous control and command functions have been developed and can be accessed from the driver cockpit. These functions require more and more on-board equipment (cameras, sensors, screens, etc.), systems, and multi-mode controls (manual and tactile). Thanks to its ultra-ergonomic, optimised approach, the digital cockpit simplifies the configuration, management, and control of the driver’s cab. For the farmer, it’s an invaluable driving aid. It’s also the answer to new standards of comfort and safety for everyone. Having made significant inroads in the light vehicle market, the digital dashboard is now the new cockpit standard for special machinery.

New digital cab standard

ACTIA is unveiling a major innovation at the Agritechnica show, where the company is presenting its digital cabin. This advance consists in connecting the Activision range of touchscreens to a central infotainment and on-board systems management unit, called ACTiVi-R. This combination results in improved comfort in the driver’s cab, by optimising the machine’s infotainment functions. This reflects the Group’s ongoing commitment to technological innovation for mobility, while underscoring its long-standing expertise in vehicle and driver cockpit architecture, not to mention on-board systems.

Vehicle Lifecycle Management in Precision Farming

ACTIA’s Augmented Architecture represents a major advance in vehicle connectivity, paving the way for the deployment of Data-Driven Services. One of the key areas to benefit from this connectivity is Precision Farming. This approach is based on the use of real-time data from agricultural vehicles to optimise farming operations, thereby improving productivity and sustainability. By collecting and analysing data from machinery and attachments, farmers can make accurate and efficient adjustments to parameters such as fertiliser distribution, irrigation, and crop monitoring.

ACTIA’s architecture means full use can be made of this data, offering manufacturers and users of these vehicles considerable competitive advantages, and contributing to smarter, more environmentally friendly farming.


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