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ACTIA innovates in industry using artificial intelligence

The strong rise of digital technology in industry is a central element of the factories of the future. The Colomiers 5.0 project is a natural part of this development, with the introduction of Artificial Intelligence at the heart of the factory. Colomiers is also keen to maintain its position of “Vitrine Usine du Futur” (Showcase Factory of the Future).

The challenges of quality, complexity, and digital security

Industrial excellence is as fundamental to the ACTIA Group as technological excellence. Manufacturing critical electronic systems for major customers in the Automotive and Aerospace industries demands uncompromising quality.

This quality requirement needs to be squared with other challenges:

  • The complexity of the production process:

With around ten manufacturing stages, a multitude of parameters (including the alloys used), micron precision when fitting components, and a very large number of variables to control (such as the temperature of the reflow oven, the timing of the process, moisture regain, etc.), circuit board production is a highly complex process.

  • The variability of raw materials and suppliers:

The wide range of raw materials used, including electronic components, solder paste, and PCBs, as well as the diversity of suppliers and batches, are all variables that need to be controlled to achieve the quality expected by our customers.

  • Digital security of the factory

Quality cannot exist without security, and preventing cybersecurity risks is crucial. The factory is already ISO 27001 certified and must continue to strengthen the security of its industrial assets as part of a continuous improvement process.

ACTIA’s Virtual Assistant: Artificial Intelligence for Production Quality

In response to these challenges, ACTIA will be implementing an innovative solution at its factory in Colomiers. This solution, called “Virtual Assistant,” is based on artificial intelligence, and aims to provide a full range of descriptive data, explanatory information, predictions, and recommendations. The aim is to rapidly increase the quality compliance rate of circuit boards produced on the automated production lines (SMD) at the Colomiers factory.

The project started in June at the Colomiers factory on a test SMD production line. Since its launch, the team has worked hard to put the new procedures and necessary equipment in place. In December 2023, we will have the first feedback on the performance of this pilot production line. This feedback will be essential in identifying potential improvements.

The project will be completed in March 2024, with full feedback on this initial production line. If the results are conclusive, we are seriously considering extending the use of the Virtual Assistant to all the factory’s SMD production lines, and even to other sites, such as Tunisia, to maximise our production efficiency and guarantee the quality of our electronic products. The Virtual Assistant will therefore become an essential tool for all our teams, from management to operators, in the constant search for continuous improvement to our production processes.

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