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Agritechnica 2023

ACTiVi-R: ACTIA highlights technological innovation at Agritechnica 2023

At the heart of the agricultural machinery cockpit revolution, ACTIA is unveiling ACTiVi-R, the on-board central control unit dedicated to infotainment and functionality management for agricultural vehicles, at Agritechnica 2023. ACTiVi-R embodies the long-awaited innovation that is transforming the agricultural cockpit, meeting farmers’ growing needs for comfort, connectivity, safety and profitability.

ACTiVi-R fits in perfectly with the new standard for the driving position: the digital cabin


The digital cabin in agricultural machinery refers to the integration of numerous advanced digital technologies into the cab of these vehicles. These technologies aim to improve the efficiency, productivity, safety and comfort of the farmer, while providing real-time information for informed decision-making.
Farmers spend all day behind the wheel of their machine, making the cabin both a digital office and a place to live.

ACTiVi-R enhances comfort, safety and profitability with advanced connectivity

Offering optimum comfort, ACTiVi-R fits in perfectly with this development, as it is connected to displays and to the vehicle’s other ECUs (SPU, MPS, etc.). ACTiVi-R opens up a range of extended functionalities and services that are essential for farmers, such as :

– Infotainment and comfort functions for the driver: in-cab audio/video display and broadcast, radio, smartphone connection with Android Auto/Apple Carplay, air conditioning & heating management, etc.

– A wide range of connectivity options: CAN, LIN, BT, WIFI, ETHERNET, GMSL2, USB, enabling the same connectivity in the vehicle cab as in the office: possibility of accessing the internet network on the ACTiVi (thanks to the TGU-R telematics unit).

– Management of all the vehicle’s equipment, peripherals and tools (planter/seeder, etc.), with the option of saving configurations (tilt/rotation, etc.) according to the type of use, for maximum productivity.

– Precise plot display and management for maximum profitability
ACTiVi-R enables precise management of plots and work areas thanks to geolocation and advanced visualisation. Farmers can optimise their farming operations to maximise farm profitability.

– Real-time feedback on the vehicle’s overall activity, with a multitude of activity indicators, and a diagnosis of its state of health with alerts/pop-ups directly visible from the ACTiVi-R.

– Safety, thanks in particular to the interaction between the machine and its environment (VtoX).
The proliferation of sensors and cameras on agricultural machinery is increasing the safety of operations. With ACTiVi-R, operators can view all the vehicle’s cameras in relation to their activity & manoeuvres, improving safety on board the vehicle.

Simplified, Flexible and Scalable Vehicle Architecture

ACTiVi-R considerably simplifies the architecture of agricultural vehicles by centralising a wide range of on-board functions. This streamlined approach facilitates maintenance, reduces operating costs and guarantees flexibility and scalability.

Manufacturers who choose to integrate ACTiVi-R into their machines benefit from the consistency of this centralised architecture across their entire range of machines, resulting in more efficient management and reduced development costs. ACTiVi-R is designed to fit a variety of agricultural machines, offering a secure solution that complies with UNE-155 and 156 standards, and also enables remote ECU updates thanks to Firmware Over-The-Air (FOTA) technology.

ACTiVi-R: a compact, modular and robust solution

ACTiVi-R’s compact, modular approach not only simplifies its integration into a variety of vehicles and dashboard configurations, but also offers easy customisation to meet the specific connectivity needs of each vehicle.

Finally, ACTiVi-R is designed to withstand harsh environments with its IP66 protection rating. Its robustness guarantees exceptional reliability, even in the most demanding conditions.

ACTiVi-R embodies ACTIA’s vision of offering cutting-edge technological solutions that alleviate the constraints of its manufacturer customers and those of the end-users, the farmers. By positioning itself as an expert technological and industrial partner in the off-highway vehicle market, ACTIA is helping to shape the future of the agricultural cockpit with ACTiVi-R, a reality that is already within reach.

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