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Advanced automotive diagnostics: Feu Vert incorporates ACTIA’s PRP solution

…to offer a wider and more autonomous range of services
As part of a strategic approach to address the growing demand for advanced diagnostic operations geared exclusively towards certified garages and manufacturers, Feu Vert has integrated ACTIA’s PRP (PassThru Remote Platform) solution into its network. In his role as Technical Manager at Feu Vert, Thomas Delôme has a lot to say about this joint effort, the benefits of the PRP solution, and its impact on customer satisfaction.

Can you tell us why Feu Vert decided to implement a Remote Pass-Thru service in its network?

Thomas Delôme: “We identified a growing need for advanced diagnostic operations geared exclusively towards certified garages and manufacturers. Our aim was to broaden our range of services in line with manufacturer standards while preserving the autonomy of our centres for complex operations. The solution needed to be easy to roll out without any major investments.”

As technical manager, can you tell us how the PRP solution has improved Feu Vert’s services?

Thomas Delôme: “The PRP solution offers an immediate diagnostic without immobilising the vehicle or the technician, which enables us to offer services previously restricted to certified manufacturer networks. The solution requires a modest investment, is intuitive, and no in-depth training is needed. It complies with Pass-Thru standards, which is a prerequisite for our brand in order to carry out “manufacturer” operations that comply with industry standards. This enables us to offer manufacturer option activation operations, replace additive systems, and update the ECU to solve vehicle problems, or simply follow the manufacturer’s maintenance schedule.”

In your opinion, how will implementing the PRP solution contribute to increased customer satisfaction and customer loyalty within the Feu Vert network?

Thomas Delôme: “Expanding our garage services and showcasing our technical expertise are ways to enhance customer satisfaction. Our ability to handle all vehicles without having to send them to certified networks ensures a seamless experience for our customers, which in turn fosters loyalty.”

What did the collaboration with ACTIA to implement the PRP solution involve?

Thomas Delôme: “The collaboration with ACTIA was closely coordinated. We launched a two-month field test in a selected sample of five Feu Vert centres. We defined the use cases, approved the roll-out without any major constraints, configured the IT infrastructure, and set out a process specific to our brand to facilitate the invoicing flow. This collaboration was based on a technical partnership spanning 20 years, with regular communication and ACTIA’s ability to accommodate our needs by providing pragmatic solutions that are easy to roll out.”

Lastly, and given your experience with the PRP solution, how would you describe the business and technical relationship between Feu Vert and ACTIA?

Thomas Delôme: “ACTIA is a major technical partner for our workshops. All our mobility centres are equipped with the Multi-Diag solution. This partnership is based on good communication, tools that meet our expectations, and ACTIA’s ability to accommodate our needs by providing pragmatic solutions that are easy to roll out. Close collaboration between our teams was a key factor in successfully implementing the PRP solution in our network.” 

Finally, Feu Vert’s decision to adopt ACTIA’s PRP solution attests to an ongoing commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction, bolstered by a successful partnership between the two companies. Feu Vert has been a loyal ACTIA partner since 2004 and supplies its network of over 460 mobility centres with ACTIA’s multi-make tool: Multi-Diag 360.

Feu Vert was the first key account to supply its network with Multi-Diag solutions. This collaboration demonstrates Feu Vert’s continued confidence in the quality and reliability of the technological solutions provided by ACTIA to accommodate the ever-changing needs of its network.


With over 50 years of experience in the world of automotive maintenance and equipment, Feu Vert now employs approximately 6,500 people in Europe to meet the needs of its 10 million customers. The group’s mission is to protect and enhance the mobility of every driver of 4- and 2-wheel vehicles, by providing our quick and accessible range of expert services, including maintenance, repairs, and equipment. The brand featuring the famous white cat is stepping up its digital, B2B, and new forms of mobility development strategies. With over 460 auto centres in Europe (France, Portugal and Spain), the group is continuing its expansion, particularly through franchising and master franchising. Feu Vert generated a turnover of €900m in 2022.

The strategic decision to integrate ACTIA’s PRP solution into its network reflects Feu Vert’s continuing commitment to innovation in order to accommodate the changing needs of its customers, while preserving its operational autonomy and ensuring top-quality services. This move demonstrates Feu Vert’s ongoing commitment to remaining at the forefront of the automotive industry and delivering an exceptional experience to its loyal customers.


Sébastien THIRIEZ, Responsable Commerciale et Distribution ACTIA :
Hélène DENOEL, Directrice Communication ACTIA Group :

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