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Multi-Diag 360 commits to covering 100% of new vehicles…

…within 6 months of their release.
Never having to turn any vehicle away is the exiting prospect that ACTIA wants to offer its auto mechanic customers that use Multi-Diag: the most comprehensive electronic diagnostics and repair tool on the market, which can also handle the most recent vehicles with the very latest vehicle manufacturer technologies.
In 2020, 150 new models were added to the Multi-Diag database. The tool therefore gives auto mechanics the opportunity to service the latest vehicles, perform diagnostics and repair new vehicles.
To reach these levels of responsiveness, ACTIA leverages its long-standing expertise in electronic diagnostics and its total control of the development cycle for the Multi-Diag solution.



ACTIA is an established partner of vehicle manufacturers in the field of embedded electronics and electronic diagnostics. Its design offices are home to all the expertise required to develop solutions that are tailored to the expectations of the automotive aftermarket. The Group’s expertise in diagnostics is completely unique, because it is enriched not only by know-how in vehicle architecture, telematics or MMIs, but also by mechanical and vehicle inspection skills. ACTIA’s capabilities cover the entire life cycle of the vehicle.


To ensure its tools continually improve, ACTIA benefits from daily reports from the field and adapts its offering to the specific needs of auto mechanics.

  • ACTIA is able to be so incredibly responsive because it is home to all the necessary skills:
  • – design of reliable and robust tools;
  • – production of manufacturer-quality components;
  • – software development and updates;
  • – integration of manufacturer data and case studies to assist repairs;
  • – support via the hotline, after-sales service and technical team in the field.


  • ACTIA is THE multi-make solution for auto mechanics looking to increase their capacity to handle recent vehicles in their workshops.
  • The rapid integration of new vehicles into Multi-Diag opens up every maintenance and repair option to auto mechanics:
  • – Servicing and maintenance;
  • – Repair and electronic diagnostics;
  • – Access to technical documentation and maintenance plans, etc.

“For the past three years, the continuous work on optimising Multi-Di@g’s coverage, including new vehicles, has represented a genuine technological feat by ACTIA. It also enhances satisfaction and loyalty for auto mechanics, supporting the entire profession, which is becoming increasing complex.
The increasing diversity of vehicles, locking systems, the complexity of electronic architectures, and the increasing number of ECUs are all challenges facing repair professionals in their day-to-day work. ACTIA helps them by providing innovative solutions.” Underlines Sébastien Thiriez, Sales and Distribution Manager.

Manufacturer and multi-make networks, independent garages, bodywork and tyre specialists, fast-service chains, and more. Every day over 15,000 workshops use Multi-Diag, the long-standing “benchmark” for multi-make diagnostics. The biggest multi-make networks such as Feu Vert, Euromaster, etc. have chosen Multi-Diag for their maintenance and repair operations.

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