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MyACTIAFLEET by ACTIA extends its influence and unveils its assets across the globe

The fleet management solution MyACTIAFLEET, which has already won over European users, is poised to conquer new markets further afield, starting with Mexico, where it will be presented at the upcoming Expo Foro Movilidad fair (28 February to 1 March 2024) by ACTIA Mexico, the ACTIA Group’s local subsidiary. MyACTIAFLEET offers major advantages for public transport operators in a variety of contexts, and Mexico is a concrete example. The country is currently addressing a host of issues related to the specific challenges of urban growth, mobility, sustainability and operational performance.

MyACTIAFLEET: a strategic public transport solution

The international public transport market is implementing fast-paced changes to meet the growing need for efficient, sustainable mobility. With its sophisticated features, MyACTIAFLEET has proven itself to be a must-have solution for operators looking to optimise their bus fleets. MyACTIAFLEET has built-in flexibility, so it adapts perfectly to different operating modes in different countries, guaranteeing efficient fleet management.

With its booming public transport market, Mexico is a prime focus of this export initiative. ACTIA Mexico will present MyACTIAFLEET at the Expo Foro fair, offering local public transport operators a unique opportunity to discover the advantages of this innovative solution by ACTIA. MyACTIAFLEET addresses the specific needs of the Mexican market in various ways, for example through features that track:

  • energy consumption,
  • – real-time location,
  • – connected maintenance: including predictive maintenance and preventive maintenance,
  • – and battery life management for electric bus fleets.

Here, as everywhere, operators are determined to decarbonise their fleet by operating clean electric or hybrid vehicles.

Managing multi-energy fleets

Already adopted by major players including RATP, TRANSDEV, KEOLIS, TISSÉO and RTM in France, MyACTIAFLEET has made a name for itself as a powerful, smart telematics solution for managing and operating multi-energy fleets. One of the solution’s major assets is its compatibility with all engine types: diesel, hybrid, gas, new electrical energies and CNG/LNG.

The solution enables operators to display the energy consumption of their fleet in real time, obtain detailed activity reports on the journeys made, and access decision-making dashboards for more efficient management of driver teams.

Improving TLS for vehicles

MyACTIAFLEET takes standard monitoring to the next level by offering major advantages in terms of predictive maintenance. As a result, operators have lower vehicle operating costs and vehicles have a longer service life. In its New E version for new energies, the solution offers excellent battery life (or SoH) management for electric buses. These assets consolidate ACTIA’s position as a first-rate supplier on the dynamic Mexican public transport market, where operational performance is crucial in order to cope with growing demand.

MyACTIAFLEET’s expansion on the Mexican market and its presence at the Expo Foro Movilidad fair underscore ACTIA’s ongoing commitment to offering innovative, efficient fleet management solutions, with a clear focus on vehicle sustainability and performance.

Find out more about MyACTIAFLEET on our website:

For a detailed presentation of our offer, download our brochure now. Here at MyACTIAFLEET, we are determined to provide innovative, efficient fleet management solutions, with a clear focus on sustainability and performance.

We also invite you to visit our booth at Expoforo, booth #407-416, for live demonstrations and in-depth discussions on how MyACTIAFLEET can optimize your fleet management.

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