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Redefining the user experience with a top-of-the-range ACTIA display

A new product presented at the Agritechnica 2023 show
A major breakthrough has been made in the off-highway vehicle driving experience with the introduction of the ACTIA ACTIVISION-R range of ergonomic displays. Operating in tandem with a smart display (Multic FSX) or a central ECU (ACTIVI), the ACTIVISION-R, for ‘Remote,’ opens up new opportunities for both drivers and manufacturers of agricultural vehicles. This innovative combination offers advanced user interfaces, interchangeability in the enhanced range and unprecedented connectivity, redefining the standards of the on-board experience of these vehicles.

Combining comfort and performance: the benefits of ergonomic displays in vehicles

Technical performance of the ACTIVISION-R range

Ergonomic display ACTIVISION-R

ACTIVISION-R offers a host of technical features that significantly enhance the user experience. The touch-sensitive displays offer intuitive, responsive interaction, giving drivers easy access to information and control of the vehicle’s various functions.

The performance of the display ensures a fast, smooth response, for a seamless user experience.

Meticulous design

The meticulous design of the ACTIVISION-R range, which has thin edges and lies flat in the dashboard, ensures seamless integration into the cab environment, while providing a perception of quality and visual sophistication.

The sleek finish, with a painted aluminium frame, also gives the screens a high-end look.

Furthermore, the high-quality materials used in the manufacture of the displays guarantee that they are durable and reliable, even in the most demanding environments.

Rugged displays for industrial vehicle cab applications

ACTIVISION-R has been designed to support cab applications in harsh vehicle environments. The displays can withstand extreme temperatures and tough working conditions, ensuring reliable operation in all situations.

The ACTIVISION-R range of displays guarantees optimum visibility even in bright conditions, thanks to its high luminance and specific screen treatments: this means drivers can easily read the information displayed, even in direct sunlight.

In addition, ACTIVISION-R displays feature anti-fingerprint technology, ensuring a clean surface with no visual interference.

A range of ergonomic displays

With its ACTIVISION-R range, ACTIA offers an ergonomic design: the well-defined contours of the screen provide drivers with a pleasant tactile experience.

Agricultural vehicle drivers benefit from intuitive control and easy handling. The displays have a user-friendly interface, giving drivers quick access to essential information and easy control of the vehicle’s various functions. It also makes it easier for drivers to concentrate on the task at hand, optimising productivity and guaranteeing safety on the road.

ACTIVISION: A range of off-the-shelf ergonomic displays that also give competitive advantages to off-highway vehicle manufacturers

The displays are available in three sizes: 8, 10 and 12.8 inches. Manufacturers choose the size best suited to their vehicle cabs.

These off-the-shelf displays have been specially designed to cater for the specific needs of the industry. They are an optimised solution for agricultural vehicle cabs.

Cost and time savings

By opting for ACTIVISION-R displays, manufacturers can make significant savings in terms of development and manufacturing costs. Instead of designing and producing bespoke displays, they can simply integrate existing ACTIVISION-R displays, reducing R&D costs and production times.

This approach allows manufacturers to save precious time in their off-highway vehicle development process.

Simple integration and easy deployment

The ACTIVISION-R range is easy to integrate and should be used in conjunction with an existing ACTIA ECU. Coupling it with the ACTIA ECU is necessary to ensure optimum compatibility and seamless integration into vehicles. Thanks to a standardised interface and compatible communication protocols, the integration of these displays with ACTIA ECUs is smooth and straightforward, making it an efficient and functional solution for manufacturers.

Flexibility and interchangeability

ACTIVISION-R offers exceptional flexibility in terms of customisation to meet the specific needs of off-highway vehicle manufacturers. Thanks to its remarkable interchangeability with the other products in the range, ACTIVISION-R is a versatile display solution that ensures seamless integration and optimum use for manufacturers. This flexibility and interchangeability make ACTIVISION-R an ideal choice for manufacturers seeking to customise their user experience while benefiting from the advantages of a pre-existing display solution.

Maintaining a familiar cab environment

The ACTIVISION-R range provides manufacturers and users with continuity of experience across a whole range of agricultural vehicles. ACTIVISION-R off-the-shelf displays are designed to maintain a familiar cab environment, enabling manufacturers to offer ergonomic and visual consistency across different vehicle models or within the same range. This makes it easier for operators to get to grips with and use the cabs, while providing a recognisable brand identity for manufacturers.

In conclusion, the ACTIA ACTIVISION-R is the ideal choice for new, constantly evolving vehicle architectures. Thanks to its seamless integration with ACTIA’s advanced ECUs and smart displays, ACTIVISION-R is an optimised display solution that addresses the growing demands for ergonomics, connectivity and data transfer in off-highway vehicles.
This clever combination of off-the-shelf displays and smart displays paves the way to the cockpit of the future, in which drivers will benefit from an immersive driving experience, a better understanding of their environment, and an unrivalled level of customisation.

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