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Wheel-Diag ADAS obtains the CESVI France label

ACTIA’s Wheel-Diag tool calibrates radars and cameras, which are increasingly common in vehicles for driver-assistance functions, such as emergency braking (AEB), adaptive cruise control (ACC) or lane keeping assist systems.
This solution is 100% certified CESVI France-approved quality.

CESVI France: the recognition of an expert

The ACTIA solution obtained the CESVI France label after undergoing a strict certification process. This certification is recognised by the entire automotive repair sector as the ultimate guarantee of quality and reliability for a tool.

“CESVI is an automotive technocentre which is renowned and respected for its professionalism in the automotive field. It specialises in ADAS system calibration procedures.
The labelling method consists in checking how the vehicle behaves before and after the ADAS systems have been calibrated, via road tests and measurements. The method shows that calibration of cameras and radars which is not based on the thrust line of the vehicle has a negative impact on the behaviour of the vehicle’s ADAS systems.  Wheel-Diag ADAS was developed accordingly, and the fact that it has obtained this label demonstrates its potential and its reliability
.” explains Sylvain Durey, Business Expertise Manager at ACTIA.

A very positive test report: results similar to the manufacturer’s calibration tools

ACTIA’s Wheel-Diag ADAS was classed as “good” by the organisation and enables “reliable” positioning.

ACTIA’s Wheel-Diag enables innovative positioning, particularly by including an analysis of the running gear. ” Extract from the CESVI France Test Report.

The two main parts of the tests carried out on three different vehicles are as follows:
– The AEB system track test.
This track test consists of an emergency braking system (AEB) test on the track. The test assesses the effectiveness of the radar and camera calibration, in real operating conditions.

– The dynamic active line-following test (with trajectory correction by the vehicle). This test assesses how well the vehicle follows a line with corrective active steering. This means that it aims to show the precision of the ACTIA system, by comparing a vehicle in “factory” mode, in “ACTIA” mode and in “rear wheel misalignment, but ACTIA calibrated” mode.

For these two tests, the ACTIA Wheel-Diag obtains similar results to those of the manufacturer’s calibration tools.

“Outside of the labelling of our Wheel-Diag ADAS tool, ACTIA has been maintaining a long-standing technical collaboration with CESVI France on the subject of our Multi-Diag multi-make diagnostic tool. Being able to engage in such rich technical exchanges helps us to better understand the needs and expectations of automotive repair and aftermarket professionals, in order to improve our offering. ” underlines Sylvain Durey.

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