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Multi-Diag 360: everything you need to grow your auto repair shop

The ACTIA diagnostic tool Multi-Diag 360 is more than just a multi-make diagnostic tool. It provides garage owners with step-by-step guidance until the vehicle is fully repaired. Multi-Diag’s “360” version features four high-performance services: practical cases from the field, a step-by-step guided method, in-depth technical documentation and access to the spare parts catalogue, which enables users to order directly via the tool.
With Multi-Diag 360 services, repair professionals have quick and easy access to a tool that significantly increases their repair shop’s profitability.


An essential tool 

Every vehicle diagnostic starts with reading the fault codes from the vehicle’s ECUs. However, vehicle technical performance, and performance concerning on-board safety and comfort, make the electronic architecture more complex. This is a real headache for auto repair professionals who see one new car model after another in their repair shops.
Their ability to diagnose and repair vehicles largely depends on the effectiveness of their diagnostic tool. As the saying goes, “a good craftsman will have the tools of the trade”, and repair professionals need to be well equipped. They can rely on Multi-Diag 360.

Time is money

Multi-Diag 360 is a simple, comprehensive service. It offers repair professionals speed, efficiency and an understanding of the fault codes. It doesn’t require special training: it’s intuitive and user-friendly.
Repair professionals follow the solutions proposed by the guided method, step by step. Through quick diagnostics and repair, the tool saves time and money. This increases repair shop profitability.

The four services that make a difference

What are the four services displayed when Multi-Diag 360 identifies a fault code?

  • – Case Studies,
  • – Guided Method,
  • – Technical Documentation,
  • – Part Info.

Please note that these services may also be displayed during maintenance operations.


The Multi-Diag community’s experience

Multi-Diag 360 features nearly 1,000,000 successfully resolved faults. The faults apply to 60 makes and 1,500 models. Practical cases let you take advantage of the Multi-Diag community’s experience. ACTIA technical support helps professionals resolve hundreds of faults daily. The practical cases database is regularly updated on the server.

Practical Cases with the associated fault codes

While the tool performs the diagnostic procedure, Multi-Diag checks whether a practical case is available for each fault code detected. In other words, Multi-Diag reads the fault codes and suggests the relevant case study, if one is available in the database.

User-friendly troubleshooting

Each case is presented according to a rigorous instructional technique. The cases are structured according to a traditional diagnostic process, such as Symptoms, Causes and Solution.

Their definitions are as follows:

  • – Symptom describes the behaviour that the vehicle should have according to the fault code found,
  • – Causes are hypotheses concerning the detected symptoms,
  • – Solution indicates the repair procedure to be followed, with supporting images.

With these three steps, repair professionals can quickly identify, understand, and resolve the fault indicated by Mutli-Diag.
In addition, each case refers to the vehicle selected at the beginning of the procedure. It is not necessary to (re)select the vehicle model. All these features combined greatly simplify repair professionals’ day-to-day work.


Identify the electrical fault

To resolve a fault, it is often necessary to do an electrical inspection of the faulty sensor or actuator before replacing it. The guided methods offer a step-by-step method for carrying out these electrical inspections. Using this method, repair professionals simply have to follow the procedure indicated by the software to determine the source of the electrical fault causing the fault code. Multi-Diag clearly indicates if guided methods are available for a given fault code.

View the faulty part

The guided method provides information on the location of components, electrical diagrams, and simple inspection methods. This information guides repair professionals, helping them find the cause of the fault code faster. Each diagram is illustrated, and most importantly interactive. Repair professionals can quickly identify each of the vehicle’s electrical components, from fuses, to earth points, to EOBD connectors, and more.

Some features of the guided method include:

  • – Wiring diagram,
  • – Locations,
  • – Explanation of the warning lights,
  • – Fuses and Relays,
  • – Electronic procedures,
  • – Components.


In-depth technical documentation

Vehicles are increasingly equipped with electronic and electrical systems. With technical documentation, repair professionals have access to in-depth information covering:

  • – all maintenance procedures,
  • – settings data,
  • – information on lubricants and fluids,
  • – the repair manual,
  • – repair times,
  • – technical drawings, etc.

In addition, this data is available for all vehicles covered by Multi-Diag.

Information at their fingertips

To enter the document database, simply select the vehicle system which has a fault.
The Multi-Diag database provides clear and accessible technical information. It offers an overview of the vehicle. Thanks to intuitive navigation, garage owners can easily browse all parts of the vehicle.

Contextualized information

The technical documentation provides information on the vehicle undergoing diagnostic tests. This offers real time savings. As with the case studies, garage owners don’t have to go back into the system to (re)select the vehicle. This streamlining improves the user experience.

The technical documentation service is essential for all repair professionals who want to explore advanced features. Technical documentation is their best ally in repairing and diagnosing all vehicles on the market.


The Multi-Diag application can also be used to place orders

For repair professionals, replacing parts is day-to-day business. With Part Info, repair professionals can access the spare parts catalogue directly via Multi-Diag. Part Info displays the list of parts associated with the fault code, based on the selected vehicle. From this list, Multi-Diag 360 displays the repair catalogue so that repair professionals can place their order.

Make a purchase in just three clicks

Part Info contextualizes the repair professional’s part catalogue for the vehicle undergoing diagnostic tests. In just one click, repair professionals can access every part available for the vehicle in question. They can find the faulty component and order a new one. The order is placed in just three clicks. This feature saves time: it frees up repair professionals from administrative tasks while taking advantage of the best prices in the spare parts catalogue.

With the “360” version, ACTIA’s Multi-Diag aims to provide automotive aftermarket and repair professionals with the answers to the new challenges of an entire profession. It’s a simple and powerful tool that’s easy to use. The key word is saving time in order to handle as many vehicles as possible, despite their increasing complexity and the new models flooding the market.
In this context, garage owners can count on Multi-Diag 360.

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multi-diag 360, multidiag, 360, actia, diagnostic multimarque

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