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Space Tech Expo


Europe’s largest exhibition and conference for the space industry is being held from 15 to 17 November 2022 in Bremen, Germany.

The ACTIA teams will be on hand all week to showcase ACTIA SPACE’s business activities, from the ground segment to the space segment. Boasting a comprehensive offering—and with more than 1,000 equipment items and systems already deployed on the ground, and over 10 million hours in orbit—the group is positioning itself as a valuable industrial partner to major players in the space sector.

Since 1962, ACTIA has worked hand in hand with companies in the space sector to develop reliable and effective industrial solutions, both on the ground and in orbit.

Ground segment

ACTIA is at the heart of issues affecting satellite telecommunications: SatCom. A European pioneer in the design and development of power amplifiers, the group is extending its know-how to the design of satellite telecommunication stations, including the supervision and integration of entire systems.

Internationally recognised for the quality of its products and services, ACTIA specialises in the design, manufacture, and supply of turnkey SatCom systems for civil, military, or governmental applications: more than 500 stations have been delivered to the armed forces.

Space segment

ACTIA provides its know-how to the space industry both in the design of on-board systems and its highly certified industrial base. This is epitomised by the Colomiers factory, which was recently awarded the “Usine Vitrine du Futur” label (Showcase Factory of the Future), in addition to being the first European EMS factory to receive NADCAP certification in 2008.

This industrial control allows ACTIA to work alongside its customers throughout product development: from the design stage up to manufacture. Its engineering expertise is underpinned by the 500 engineers working for the group.

An industrial partner for New Space

Over the past few years, ACTIA has earned its place on the New Space market. Recently, the group raised €800,000 in funds from BPI France for its ACTIA IN SPACE project: a project financed by the government as part of France 2030.

“With ACTIA in Space, our ambition is to develop and industrialise a range of off-the-shelf products for use on low earth orbit satellites. Our offering is built on a cost/volume strategy and is based on our industrial skills as well as our Design to Cost, Design for Test, and Design for Manufacturing approaches which have been tried and tested for many years in the automotive industry. ACTIA will therefore be able to offer the most generic solutions possible in order to reduce development time and costs, as well as production costs.”

Explains Alexandre Lachaise, Director of the ACTIA Aerospace & Defence Business Unit.


Space Tech Expo 2022

We look forward to seeing you at the ACTIA stand: A33.

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