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TISSÉO Collectivités-ACTIA: two local players involved…

…in the energy transition of public transport in Toulouse.
At the heart of the Toulouse public transport ecosystem, TISSÉO Collectivités and ACTIA are local players jointly committed to developing clean mobility. Their long-standing technological partnership focuses on eco-driving, remote maintenance and predictive maintenance solutions.

Extract from the RNTP Press Kit, “For ACTIA, the Public Transport of the Future comes to the present,” Toulouse 2021.

ACTIA’s eco-driving adopted by the TISSÉO COLLECTIVITÉS network

TISSÉO and ACTIA began their partnership in 2017 with eco-driving and remote maintenance pilot phases. These pilot phases make it possible to test the solution under actual operating conditions.

The first “eco-driving” phase aimed to test 70 vehicles reconfigured with the MyACTIAFleet telematics solution. The aim was to highlight the potential gains of this ACTIA solution.

About fifty bus drivers received eco-driving training via ACTIA’s CDT (Compulsory Driver Training) solution.

Over a 6-month period, from January to July 2019, initial results showed an average drop in energy consumption of 5%, also representing savings of 27,000 litres of fuel.

In autumn 2020, the trend was confirmed following a 2nd test phase involving 136 vehicles in circulation on the Toulouse network.

Since then, TISSÉO has systematically fitted all new buses joining the fleet with the ACTIA eco-driving solution. Today, the fleet has 240 vehicles, increasing by 50 vehicles per year.

The ACTIA eco-driving solution is helping to make the Toulouse transport network more efficient. It has its rightful place in the plan for environmental protection and increasingly carbon-free mobility to which TISSÉO is committed by gradually shifting its fleet towards new “new energy” vehicles, in particular electric ones.

The MyACTIAFleet New E version, for New Energy, manages all engine types: diesel, hybrid, gas, electric and soon hydrogen. The solution will provide an integrated data display on the ACTIA dashboard: Podium 2. Podium 2 is fitted in buses made by the French manufacturer IVECO HEULIEZ in operation on the TISSÉO Collectivités network.

The TISSÉO Collectivités-ACTIA partnership also includes other solutions in the testing phase

As part of the TISSÉO Collectivités – ACTIA partnership, a 3rd test phase focuses on remote maintenance. It consists of setting up the remote technical monitoring of vehicles and its main operating parameters and displaying alarms on the dashboard in real time from the same MyACTIAFleet telematics solution. Remote maintenance paves the way to predictive maintenance which will make it possible to anticipate certain breakdowns and therefore increase the service rate of city buses.

With its telematics solution, ACTIA closely supports the operator TISSÉO Collectivités with its environmental and economic concerns, in order to ensure continuity of service to users.

About TISSÉO Collectivités

TISSÉO Collectivités, the mobility organising authority of the greater Toulouse metropolitan area, defines travel policy and organises and finances its implementation in the region. To implement transport infrastructure projects, TISSÉO Collectivités entrusts TISSÉO Ingénierie with the design and construction of new infrastructure. To produce a high-quality service, TISSÉO Collectivités entrusts TISSÉO Voyageurs with the operation, development, and marketing of the service and with asset management. The area comprising the territorial jurisdiction includes 108 municipalities with the city of Toulouse. It covers 1,115 km2 and has 1.33 million inhabitants.

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