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2nd generation of ECUs: ACTIA takes another step towards the super ECU

ACTIA has been working with vehicle command and control systems for many years, to meet specific customer needs via its range of generic products.
Today, ACTIA is enhancing the functionality of its ACTI-Ways range of on-board ECUs, with a new generation of ECUs aimed at aligning the characteristics and performance of hydraulic functions in off-road vehicles.

The new GEN2 ACTI-Ways range, represented by the SPU 30-17 and SPU 70-66 ECUs, is particularly well suited to the evolving market of special machinery operating in harsh environments. In addition to its increased capabilities and performance, which open up new functionalities, it integrates operational reliability and cybersecurity constraints.

Access to new functionalities and driving assistance

The new SPU range of ECUs for controlling hydraulic functions has increased input and output capabilities.
ACTI-Ways 2nd generation improves ECU capabilities in order to cover the growing needs of the on-board systems that are also becoming increasingly complex for the off-road vehicle market:

  • – New microcontroller;
  • – Increased processing performance;
  • – Increased flexibility of I/O configuration;
  • – CAN FD;
  • – LIN.
SPU range
The new SPU range of ECUs

The change in ECU needs is moving towards:

  • – A broader range of functions;
  • – The inclusion of a wider range of technologies, in particular for environmental acquisition;
  • – “Smart” over-systems emulating humans – with super ECUs;
  • – Electrification of vehicles.

With this new range of ECUs, ACTIA is pursuing its strategy of expanding SPU capabilities so that they can interact with Super ECUs in autonomous functions.”

Emphasises Fabien TRINITÉ, Director of the Vehicle Automation product line.

ECUs that combine operational reliability and cybersecurity

The new generation SPU integrates operational reliability and cybersecurity constraints.
ACTIA is closely connected to its markets, to monitor changes, including changes to standards. The group has successfully developed its technologies and its organisation to plan ahead for these issues.

ACTIA has set up a centre dedicated to the areas of cybersecurity: expertise, monitoring, robustness and penetration testing. This measure aims to improve protection solutions in the specifications and implementations for exposed products. In addition, ACTIA is involved in standardisation committees and is notably a member of ISO SAE 21434.

The trend is the same in the area of operational reliability. ACTIA has been designing and producing certified products for 15 years and has established a dedicated business manager: Project Safety Manager. This manager is in charge of coordinating the methods and solutions. ACTIA is able to address a broad range of standards (ISO3849, ISO25119 and ISO26262) with better performance in reliability, safety and stricter regulations for products put on the market.

Plug & Play ECUs with previous vehicle architectures

ACTIA places great importance on continuity in the development of its products. The electrical and mechanical interfaces of the new SPUs are therefore identical to those of the previous generation (pin to pin compatible); this is to ensure plug-and-play for existing customers:

  • – Identical dimensions,
  • – Equivalent performance for existing functions,
  • – BSP with similar API, functions and behaviour.

As regards the software, these products are also designed to require minimal application porting effort, which is very welcome for customers who need to manage several types of machines.

ACTIA’s ECU offer is for different vehicle families with common needs but their own specific features: HGVs, buses and coaches or special machinery. Thus, ACTIA is able to diversify its solutions on these different markets. This generates real added value.”

Concludes Catherine LEDEUIL, Head of Marketing and Sales for VEA (Vehicle Electronic Architecture).

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