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White Paper: industrial cybersecurity and embedded systems

We are pleased to present our brand new White Paper on Industrial Cyber Security. In this White Paper available for free download, ACTIA looks back on the challenges of industrial cybersecurity and embedded systems: Designing, developing and manufacturing communicating products in connected factories: the multidimensional challenge of cybersecurity”.

The White Paper answers questions like:

  • – Why industrial cybersecurity has become a major issue for the factory of the future.
  • – What is ISO 270001 and how the group has been committed to this approach since 2008.
  • – How ACTIA ensures the cybersecurity of its on-board systems.

Extract from cybersecurity White Paper

ACTIA designs and manufactures electronic products and systems in its factories communicating embedded devices for several sectors of activity: automotive, aeronautics, space, energy, etc.

The rapid evolutions of these products and systems involve:

  • – An increase in the complexity of software functions;
  • – The integration of many security functions;
  • – And increasingly important data processing.

This development calls for another: with the proliferation of IT systems alongside OT systems (Operational
Technology, industrial equipment), the industrial system is more exposed to cyber threats.

With risks of all kinds:
– Reputational,
– Financial,
– Operational,
– Human.

In addition, in its approach to constantly improving the performance and quality of its service, the group constantly develops its means of production by integrating new approaches and new technologies to its processes. Added to this is a rapidly changing external context with, in particular, the resurgence of cyberattacks.
These developments imply an increase in risks and require a global approach management of cybersecurity integrated into both business lines and industrial processes.

Head of Information Security (CISO) and Product Security (CPSO)

Click to download the free ACTIA White Paper now.

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