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What are the 4 commitments of the ACTIA group that form the basis of its growth?

ACTIA has rooted its development in a set of commitments that reflect the vision of its CEO and the members of its management team: Independence, Innovation, Quality, and Responsiveness. These commitments constitute the foundations of our corporate culture, the defining features of our DNA. They drive both the career development of our employees and the growth of our business: let’s take a closer look at what they really mean.


ACTIA, a global industrial group, is committed to protecting its freedom to make strategic decisions, along with investment and development choices, by keeping an independent capital structure and a decision-making centre in Toulouse, France. By remaining the Group’s majority shareholder with majority voting rights, ACTIA guarantees its independence and room for manoeuvre in terms of decision-making, and works to construct a long-term business development strategy.


ACTIA aims to be competitive and attractive to its customers, suppliers and employees. Because innovation is essential for any business striving to remain a key player in increasingly competitive markets, ACTIA commits human and financial resources to Research and Development to ensure it offers high-quality solutions tailored to current demands. The aim is to anticipate our customers’ requirements, so we are always one step ahead in terms of technology – a crucial way of guaranteeing the Group’s long-term future.


Given the competitiveness of today’s market, especially in the industrial sector, quality is critical and concerns us all. Certifications and surveys attest to quality, but above all, quality is a mind-set that must be upheld at every step from development to production of ACTIA solutions. Maintaining and improving quality within ACTIA processes is currently one of the most important aspects of our corporate strategy, with the overriding aim of meeting the requirements of today’s world and the needs of our customers.


In order to meet and anticipate our customers’ needs as effectively as possible, and to distinguish our Group from larger competitor companies, responsiveness is a precious asset. It plays a vital role both within our organisation and with regard to our environment. Because it enables us to draw up action plans quickly and effectively, and to make the necessary adjustments to match shifts in the market or environment, being responsive means always being right where we should be.

These four values are the pillars of ACTIA’s corporate culture – they constitute a solid base on which ACTIA builds its development. As key performance drivers, they are an integral part of all company processes, to ensure we set our sights on excellence and remain consistent with the vision championed by the Group’s management team.
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