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Vélo Vallée — Occitanie Cluster meets at ACTIA HQ

9 February 2022, the plenary assembly for Vélo Vallée — Occitanie Cluster was held at the group’s headquarters in Toulouse. Gathered around the table, or joining by videoconferencing, were representatives from the 43 members of the cluster: companies, associations, business owners, tradespeople, retailers, institutional organisations, each involved in cycling in their own way.

La Vélo Vallée cluster Occitanie

The meeting, chaired by Denis Briscadieu, Chairman of Vélo Vallée — Occitanie Cluster, opened with remarks from Jean-Louis Pech, CEO of ACTIA, in which he mentioned ACTIA’s devotion to the Occitanie region, its desire to contribute to the region’s development, and its commitment to the cycling sector through its activity dedicated to micromobility.
The cluster is supported by the Region, which was also represented by François Gouze, the cycling plan coordinator for the Occitanie Region.

Promoting the Occitanie region in the cycling market

As a leader in on-board electronics for urban bus transport, ACTIA is committed to mobility. The rapidly expanding micromobility market—electric bikes in particular—uses increasingly powerful electronic components, driving innovation. ACTIA’s established expertise in on-board systems will allow it to hold its own in this extremely competitive area. Through Vélo Vallée – Occitanie Cluster, ACTIA is forging a constructive partnership with all stakeholders in the cycling sector in order to put our territory on the map when it comes to this subject.” declared Jean-Louis Pech, CEO of the ACTIA group.


It is worth noting that, separately, ACTIA is also an active member of the Occitanie Totem cluster, working towards intelligent and sustainable mobility in the territory. The group is also committed to the development and evolution of regulations for EAPC (Electrically Assisted Pedal Cycle) use, within other bodies such as the ISO groups.

This kind of active involvement with various stakeholders in the sector is a demonstration of the group’s desire to develop and support the cycling sector in France.

Prodays trade show in our sights

ACTIA will of course be in attendance with Vélo Vallée — Occitanie Cluster at the Prodays trade show, a key event for professional buyers in the cycling sector, which will be held in Paris Porte de Versailles, pavilions 5 and 6, from 3 to 5 July 2022. The cluster will gather its members in a 192 m2 exhibition village.

About Vélo-Vallée — Occitanie cluster

Vélo Vallée is the cycling sector’s first French cluster. Founded in 2018 on the initiative of companies and the development agency for the Occitanie Region, Vélo Vallée now has more than 40 members. The association’s mission is to bring together, represent and contribute to the development of all cycling companies, prioritising their economic and industrial development, quality of life, promotion of the territory and all forms of cycling, sustainable development and innovation.

Its missions are to:
– Bring together, develop and raise the profile of regional stakeholders in the cycling sector,
– Make Occitanie a region for cycle tourism,
– Structure and develop the cycling ecosystem.

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