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Vehicle inspection | ACTIA training service, customer satisfaction driver

Quality of service, attentiveness, and innovation are ACTIA’s after-sales commitments. The group establishes a strong, close relationship with its customers and distribution partners, in particular through the training service. Local ACTIA agents and representatives work with their customers every day, in more than 140 countries, in order to train them on vehicle inspection equipment. They provide customised support for getting started and using the solutions in order to make full use of the effectiveness of the equipment on offer.

The basics

  • More than just training:
  • – customised support;
  • – ACTIA makes its customers experts;
  • – operations all over the world;
  • – Datadock certification: THE quality benchmark;
  • – the ACTIA Chartres training centre: for a hands-on experience.


ACTIA offers training for using its vehicle inspection equipment and the centre management tool for:

  • – its vehicle inspection equipment distributors;
  • – its user customers;
  • – vehicle inspection centre managers.

The aim of these training courses is to enable customers to perform their job as best as possible through perfect autonomous use of equipment and software. They also aim to make best use of the complete tool performance with a view to cost-effectiveness and return on investment.

Training for getting started with equipment

Training for getting started with equipment takes place during installation. The training is provided on the customer’s premises with their own equipment and data so that the users can get to grips with the new solution under the best conditions. This service is included in the overall installation offer.

The team draws up the optimised schedule for implementing the solutions in collaboration with the customer. Its priority is to organise each operation while taking care to preserve the continuity of service with the customer.

Training covers:

  • – configuration of equipment;
  • – use;
  • – maintenance;
  • – troubleshooting;
  • – machine upkeep;
  • – etc.

It involves supporting users in becoming familiar with the software and sharing best practices for making optimum use of the solution. Tests and experiments under real conditions, on a vehicle, are therefore essential for quick and effective learning.

Training focuses, in particular, on learning:

  • – good professional instincts;
  • – to adjust settings;
  • – to approve a vehicle inspection;
  • – etc.

However, this training goes beyond understanding settings and learning tool functions. ACTIA trainers are specialists in user support due to their:

  • – pedagogical approach;
  • – professional know-how;
  • – knowledge of the regulations in force in the area;
  • – and, of course, their daily experience of the solutions.

In France, visits take place once or twice a year. This relationship built over time is an opportunity to bring up regulatory aspects related to vehicle inspection.

Did you know?
ACTIA training also covers the use and handling of mobile vehicle inspection stations.

Training on vehicle inspection equipment to ensure the maintenance, upkeep and reliability of equipment

This more technical training results in the professional’s ability to maintain the equipment in good condition for use. It particularly helps with preserving the lifespan of vehicle inspection equipment as well as limiting breakdowns and therefore service disruption.

The following areas will be addressed with the customer:

  • – mechanical aspects;
  • – braking and suspension theory;
  • – ACTIA software;
  • – electrical aspects of the various equipment.

As well as all the concepts of electronic communication for the equipment that are among the strengths of ACTIA solutions.

The training, which is adapted to the equipment used in the vehicle inspection centres, also addresses all of the regulatory aspects related to the vehicle inspection equipment, the reliability of which must be ensured by the professional. These training courses provide certification (with a certificate issued) or authorisation in relation to legal metrology.

With regard to these aspects, the trainee receives training on:

  • – issues with motor vehicle inspection;
  • – the role and responsibility of the vehicle inspection operator;
  • metrological calibration and standardisation operations for anti-pollution solutions;
  • – declarations of conformity.

This training is particularly aimed at ACTIA distributors for the export market. In addition to increasing the reliability of vehicle inspections, this one-week training course aims to put the distributor in a position where they can perform first-level diagnoses so that the ACTIA after-sales service can step in more efficiently and quickly.

Note the ability of ACTIA teams to work locally all over the world and to offer multicultural support that is perfectly adapted to the local setting. The strength of this network has also enabled its experienced after-sales service to benefit from this field experience and the practical cases resolved. In this way, ACTIA’s experience benefits users all over the world!

Training in vehicle inspection centre management and administration

The third part of the ACTIA training is aimed at vehicle inspection centre managers with comprehensive training on the VIMS software (link to VIMS). This training is compulsory for all users of this solution.

It is provided by ACTIA experts on this software for IT specialists.

This training covers the different modules of the solution: from receiving the vehicle to delivering the report. It is adapted to the trainee’s role within the centre: centre manager, cashier, inspector, etc.

Find out more about VIMS here: VIMS: bringing vehicle inspection centres under the microscope.


Undergoing training in vehicle inspection equipment means developing professional skills.

Acquiring knowledge and skills leads to intensified use of ACTIA equipment. By developing high-quality training for users, ACTIA helps the majority to go beyond the stage of basic familiarity with the device, to using its advanced functions. Naturally, the user becomes an expert in the solution of which they have good knowledge.

This development of skills for the customer positively strengthens the relationship with ACTIA over the long term.

Customer satisfaction fosters cooperation with ACTIA. It even helps with improving ACTIA’s products, defining new uses for them, etc.

This virtuous circle between ACTIA and its customers has a very positive impact on the development of future products.

Contributing to the development of future solutions

Users who have all the necessary skills to use the product, at their full potential, are capable of providing critical and constructive feedback in order to develop it according to users’ needs. In this way, by making the customers experts in using a product, ACTIA is not only improving their satisfaction, but is also involving its customers in the design of equipment used by the whole profession.

In addition, ACTIA trainers work closely with the development teams and are able to present the latest software developments to their customers. They are also able to relay field data as part of a drive for continuous product improvement.

The product user becomes a valuable ambassador and collaborator for improving the solutions, innovating and developing those of the future. New ranges or product versions therefore benefit directly from the users’ expertise.

ACTIA’s training centre offers a hands-on experience

ACTIA’s training centre in Chartres near Paris, France, offers dedicated training courses covering all content related to ACTIA solutions in a friendly and specially designed setting. In particular, the showroom recreates a vehicle inspection centre with the latest technology and equipped with all the equipment found in the catalogue. As a result, trainees learn the ropes using the equipment in realistic conditions, on cars as well as trucks.

Training on vehicle inspection equipment with ACTIA

For a comprehensive hands-on experience, trainees are given a tour of the entire ACTIA Chartres site, including both the design offices and the product manufacturing workshops. ACTIA manufactures its vehicle inspection lines. These lines are designed and developed on this French site, in a certified high-tech industrial environment that complies with the international requirements of the automotive sector.

ACTIA offers:
– thematic training, such as anti-pollution, or suspension checks;
– training regarding a specific item of equipment;
– training that covers the comprehensive range of equipment for the vehicle inspection line.

ACTIA also offers ongoing support, through regular visits by consultants, for various needs:

  • getting started with new products;
  • integrating regulatory changes;
  • customising the solution, or
  • onboarding new employees.

This training centre trains new ACTIA employees or updates the knowledge of teams: sales force, installers, France after-sales service, distributors, etc.


Training assessment

ACTIA clearly defines the training objectives with their customer by identifying the needs of the technicians. The configuration service is used to customise the software solution for the customer so that it can best respond to the needs of their organisation and its particularities.

ACTIA solutions are operational as soon as they are installed. The duration of the configuration phases is adapted according to the project and constraints related to the customer’s organisation.

In order to capture and hold the trainees’ attention, ACTIA combines theoretical training with practical examples.

ACTIA training courses are structured around three learning levels:
– facts and information: product functions, warranty period;
– procedures: procedure for starting up a device, feedback from work on a defective device;
– engine skills: installing software, etc.

Each training course is guided with documents for use and accompanied by an individual satisfaction questionnaire. Customers therefore express their views after each operation.

Assessing customer satisfaction is a key concern for ACTIA teams. It is at the heart of ACTIA’s Quality Approach.

The Datadock label of quality assurance (in France)

The SRV039-1 training referenced by UTAC is indispensable and mandatory for technicians working on our brake test benches.
As we have seen, this training provides maintenance technicians with essential knowledge for performing equipment conformity inspections and conducting periodic checks and maintenance.

In France, this ACTIA training is certified by Datadock. It is a single database covering professional training in terms of the quality assessed according to 21 indicators.

In addition, due to ACTIA’s certification as a DATADOCK training body, the costs for ACTIA training courses are completely covered by the majority of the OPCAs (Organisme Paritaire Collecteur Agréés – accredited fund-collecting agencies) which collect companies’ financial obligations in terms of professional training.

ACTIA makes a distinction between two SRV039-1 training levels:
– Initial: conformity checks for brake test benches upon installation; instructions relating to periodic checks and maintenance on light vehicles and trucks;
– Renewal for light vehicles.

ACTIA pays particular attention to the training service on these products and the relationship with its customers. Training builds loyalty, it shows a degree of confidence and a high level of commitment by the customer to ACTIA, both as a company and as a product brand. In this sense, undergoing training in vehicle inspection equipment with ACTIA really is a driver of customer satisfaction.

At a time when solutions are becoming more complex, particularly with the interconnectivity of equipment, this service is an element that complements other assets, such as the equipment’s ergonomic design and ease of use.

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