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The secret of ACTIA model…

…its contrasts are synergies that form the company’s strength
Just like the Occitanie region that has nurtured the group’s development since it was founded in 1986, ACTIA’s identity derives from its complementary contrasts.  Its unique model stems from “multiple choices” co-existing, and where some companies choose “OR”, ACTIA chooses “AND“.
With a presence in competitive international markets characterised by demanding requirements and high levels of standardisation, through its model, ACTIA illustrates the capacity to address challenges with agility, and to create synergies in order to stand out and create unique value for its stakeholders.
Despite frequent crises – the pandemic and the shortage of electronic components in particular – ACTIA keeps moving forward with ambition and high standards with a view to strong growth. This determination is reflected in the day-to-day running of a company that has chosen to grow up rather than just get bigger. We reveal the secret of the ACTIA model.

Diversity AND inclusion: a company that knows how to develop talent

ACTIA employees experience the company’s unique nature internally, attesting to its vitality and making an active contribution to it. The organisation’s human aspect is meaningful to them, along with its commitment to diversity and inclusion.

Within ACTIA, the teams believe that inclusion is key to attracting and retaining the best talent, and that a culture of diversity helps every employee to feel valued and respected for their differences. ACTIA is proud to bring together employees from various backgrounds, who bring unique experiences and perspectives to the company.

“I have had the opportunity to join other intermediate-sized companies throughout my professional career, but this is the first time I have felt that “human value” is sincerely placed at the heart of the company. If rugby culture has a strong presence in Toulouse, team spirit is a strong value at ACTIA,”

Cécile, sales assistant in the VEA (Vehicle Electronic Architecture) department.

ACTIA is testing innovative recruitment techniques, to attract other talents

This year, ACTIA has around one hundred job openings at the Toulouse and Colomiers sites, including engineering positions, within its design offices, and on its industrial site. Like most companies in the sector, ACTIA is particularly facing a shortage of qualified labour for its Colomiers factory. There are around 50 positions to be filled on this “industrial showcase” site. Recruitment campaigns are ongoing for various positions 

ACTIA uses Simulation Recruitment Methods (SRM). These methods are used to identify suitable candidates, even without qualifications, by giving them the opportunity to demonstrate their skills and expertise.

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An intermediate-sized company identity: a company on a human scale with a strong local influence AND an international family-owned group

Major player AND challenger

ACTIA is an intermediate-sized, family-owned company, publicly listed and identified as a “vital component of the economic fabric” in France (Institut Choiseul ranking). The group, which has a strong international presence, strives to be readily available to its customers around the world. In global markets, ACTIA has managed to position itself both as a major player and as a challenger setting out to outdo the long-standing players.

Partner of major multinationals AND local operators

ACTIA operates in a commercial environment characterised by stark contrast, working with major international manufacturers such as Volvo Trucks or CNHI to equip commercial and industrial vehicles in which key safety functions in particular are managed by electronics. At the same time, ACTIA is able to undertake less conventional projects such as “vélo occitan” (Occitan bike) with Flying Cat. This contrast between these different types of customers highlights ACTIA’s agility in navigating in a variety of environments, always, however, with the same ambition: to be a strategic partner for its customers.

A local AND international presence

ACTIA’s  innovation is driven in a highly competitive international environment. ACTIA allocates an annual budget of €80 million to research and development (2022 data). Its business-oriented innovation enables the group to expand abroad sustainably while remaining loyal to its local roots.

ACTIA offers solutions adapted to the specific characteristics of each market, supported by a global network of partners and suppliers. In this way, ACTIA strives to address the needs of its global customers, by offering innovative and effective solutions.

Press Releases:
– David Elizalde, an asset to ACTIA’s innovation and international development
– ACTIA: “A vital component of the economic fabric” according to the Institut Choiseul

Technological expertise AND industrial excellence

Since its creation, ACTIA has designed and developed its products in the group’s design offices, in direct contact with its production sites which manufacture all of the products. The synergy of technological and industrial expertise reinforces the group’s operational agility in a market that tends to reduce time-to-market for new products, and which is experiencing a number of disruptions: geopolitics, climate crisis, pandemic, and the semiconductor supply crisis.

The group has cutting-edge expertise in electronics, notably for equipping automotive vehicles -– commercial public transport vehicles, industrial vehicles for agriculture or construction – as well as aeronautics, which enables it to establish itself as a major player in these particularly demanding sectors. Ranking first among these requirements is, of course, quality. With 7 certifications and 2 accreditations, ACTIA’s electronics production site in Colomiers is one of the highest certified in Europe.

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Automotive AND space: between mass AND short production runs

ACTIA is also a major automotive player which is establishing itself in space. The group has long-standing expertise in the fields of vehicle architecture, diagnostics and vehicle connectivity. It is a market with the most demanding regulatory framework. This expertise enables the group to establish itself in cutting-edge markets, which require technical sophistication and great adaptability.

In recent years, the ACTIA Colomiers factory has received significant investment to set up a new mass production line. This production line gives the factory a completely modular production capacity – short, medium and mass production runs – in a highly certified industrial environment. These various production capacities enable it to operate at speed and with industrial agility, which is especially sought after by stakeholders in the space sector in general, and in the New Space sector in particular.

In addition to its industrial base, ACTIA offers the space industry all its expertise in embedded systems engineering: in order to address the challenges of new satellite constellations: producing in volume and at the best possible cost.


Conclusively, ACTIA’s uniqueness is derived from its differences. But it is the teams that are the driving force behind the company’s success. Their unity is the guiding thread which connects all the contrasts within our company, thus creating synergies and promoting an essential dynamic on both a collective and individual basis.

Our human values are the unifying force of our organisation. We are proud to promote a corporate culture that encourages diversity, inclusion and development of individuals in order to contribute to a truly collective success.

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