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Smart display FSX

The new ACTIA display for buses & coaches |More than just a new look

ACTIA unveils its new smart display for the bus and coach markets, which can be extended to the special machine and lorry markets: Multic FSX. This new generation of displays features a clever design with practically unlimited possibilities for customizing the graphical interfaces (UI/UX). In particular, it allows manufacturers to choose different user interfaces, with a level of detail that varies according to the position of the vehicle in the manufacturer’s range.

A highly customizable interface

With a high perceived value, ACTIA’s Multic FSX ergonomic display reproduces all automotive equipment codes: a high-definition LCD widescreenprovides high contrast and brightness to ensure readability in all conditions.

The new ACTIA display incorporates a powerful hardware platform operating under the Linux operating system. It is capable of animating high-quality and complex user interfaces through graphical environments such as QT or Embedded Wizard.

FSX smart display
Multic FSX smart display

Smart display Multic FSX is at the heart of vehicle electrical architecture

ACTIA has designed its new display to offer maximum flexibility to customers. With a basic version of the software, the manufacturer can outfit its entire range of vehicles, thus limiting development costs.

Multic FSX is more than just a display. Its powerful hardware places it at the heart of the vehicle’s electrical architecture. Its numerous inputs, outputs and communication interfaces allow it to interconnect with the latest generation PLCs and to serve as a genuine communication gateway or electronic control unit (ECU).

As a result, Multic FSX provides vehicle manufacturers with the opportunity to limit the number of equipment items in their electrical architecture and thus minimise costs.

ACTIA’s UI design approach: delivering the right information at the right time

The role of drivers is changing; they have to manage an increasing number of parameters in addition to driving. They have multiple sources of information to do their job: ensuring the safety of passengers and other road users, dealing with traffic, selling tickets, and sometimes even serving as a guide to users.

In addition to Multic FSX, ACTIA offers turnkey UI software, produced with and for drivers, designed to give them the right information at the right time. ACTIA’s approach to UI displays aims to help drivers in all their tasks, delivering information in the clearest, most relevant way possible.
ACTIA solutions help drivers to focus on the task at hand by avoiding distractions and irrelevant information.

This approach, with a focus on constantly improving the driving experience, brings us one step closer to the digital cockpit: fully digital and interactive.

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