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Multi-Diag for First Stop

The FIRST STOP network chooses ACTIA’s Multi-Diag

A promising new customer reference for one of the ACTIA group’s flagship products. The FIRST STOP car maintenance network specialising in tyre fitting and repair has chosen Multi-Diag, ACTIA’s multi-make diagnostic tool for its network of centres. This new customer reference attests to Multi-Diag’s success with fast-fitter networks, since the tool already boasts 13,000 European users, including technicians from the largest French and European express repair networks.

Multi-Diag: ACTIA’s recipe for success

Unique business expertise

Having taken a leading role in the invention of electronic diagnostics, ACTIA is the long-standing partner for manufacturers in on-board electronics and electronic diagnostics. This expertise is completely unique, since it is rooted in ACTIA’s extensive experience in embedded architecture and connectivity, with complete control of vehicle data and communication protocols at the heart of the system.

This technological know-how now enables ACTIA to keep pace with changes in the automotive sector and to develop solutions for new energy vehicles (hybrid or electric), as well as for connected and autonomous vehicles.
ACTIA integrates all this expertise at the Multi-Diag design offices in France. As a result, ACTIA is able to respond to the needs of the automotive after-sales market in an agile manner.

2-Support for thousands of independent or affiliated garage owners

ACTIA develops customer relations by providing customised support for networks and equipment. ACTIA’s catalogue of services aims to facilitate intervention on vehicles throughout their life cycle, with support from dedicated teams in the Customer Care department. The Multi-Diag method is based on a firm commitment to develop technicians’ skills while safeguarding the profitability of workshops.

3-Multi-Diag: ACTIA is always innovating

Repair professionals must deal with many challenges in their day-to-day work: increasingly diverse vehicle fleets, manufacturer locking systems, complex electronic architectures, the rise of driver assistance technologies (ADAS) and higher numbers of ECUs, among others. ACTIA is on hand to help by providing them with high-performance, innovative solutions: Unlocking the Security Gateway, PRP-Diag platform, expert mode, ADAS, etc.

With the FIRST STOP network, ACTIA is experiencing continued success in the automotive after-sales market. ACTIA is guided by a keen sense of customer service and a commitment to innovation, offering diagnostic solutions (PRP, Security Gateway, ADAS, etc.) developed around its essential link: Multi-Diag.

This success is the result of over 35 years of innovation and unique ACTIA services. Thanks to its partnerships with key players in the after-sales sector, ACTIA continues to shape the world of automotive diagnostics.

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