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The ACTIA TGU-R 4 G W telematics solution pushes the boundaries of secure connectivity

ACTIA is boosting its TGU-R off-the-shelf telematics solution and launching a new version: the TGU-R 4 G W. This new digital solution has kept the features that have made TGU-R successful and offers increased performance, particularly in terms of network coverage (4G) and data processing power. The TGU-R 4 G W has already been certified for use in 35 countries and is set to become THE benchmark for connectivity in the well-established bus, coach and special purpose vehicle markets.

TGU-R: 25 years of experience in telematics for industrial vehicles


ACTIA’s new telematics unit has all the advantages of the first generation unit: cyber security, flexibility, openness, multi-connectivity, 4G/BT/WIFI, multi-communication, CAN, USB, Ethernet, etc. It is the result of 25 years of experience in telematics for both industrial and light vehicles, with no fewer than 7 million ACTIA telematics units sold worldwide*.
It has been made more robust to adapt to the construction, agriculture and bus and coach markets, where it has been a great success, and is now attracting manufacturers or integrators of municipal vehicles or fire engines.

Power and network coverage

TGU-R 4 GW incorporates the latest generation of modems for enhanced performance such as:

  • – Greater computing power to expand the range of complex applications
  • – Better global network coverage, reducing “dead zones” in large countries such as Australia and Brazil. The new TGU-R 4G W is not only GPS compatible but also BEIDOU and GALILEO compatible.

Pre-empts cybersecurity standards

Prepared to WP29 UN ECE155 standards, the TGU-R 4 G W pre-empts new cybersecurity regulations with advanced features, such as encryption and dedicated keys for installation and application updates. In line with its “Security By Design” approach, ACTIA integrates the security requirements for on-board systems from the design stage of its products in an ISO 27001 certified environment

A smooth transition for existing customers

ACTIA attaches great importance to continuity in the development of its products. Therefore, the electrical and mechanical interfaces of the TGU-R 4 G W are identical to those of the current TGU-R, in order to guarantee “plug-and-play” for existing customers. As regards software, this product has also been designed to require minimal application porting effort, which is very welcome for customers who need to manage several types of machines.

A dedicated global certification team

The TGU-R 4 G W is already certified for use in 35 countries: in Europe, North America and Canada, as well as in Japan, the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Brazil and Mexico.
ACTIA has a team dedicated to these global certifications. This team relies on the Group’s subsidiaries around the world to obtain local certifications from approved laboratories in the various countries. This arrangement is therefore a significant advantage in a world that is increasingly protectionist and where countries’ regulations are constantly changing.

Endless IOT applications for operators and manufacturers

The TGU-R 4 G W is a digital solution for improving vehicle efficiency and reliability. It offers a wide range of applications for the safety and profitability of machine operators.

  • For manufacturers:
  • – Build customer loyalty by offering warranty contracts:
  • – The collection of telemetric data makes it possible to calibrate warranty contracts and prepare the new generation of machines.
  • TGU-R also paves the way for innovation by enabling e-commerce strategies to be developed directly with the machine owner.
  • For operators:
  • TGU-R helps to maintain machine utilisation rates (MUR) and reduce operating costs:
  • – with remote diagnosis and real-time troubleshooting even in remote areas, OTA technology
  • – by pre-empting preventive maintenance campaigns
  • – by improving the management of electric vehicle batteries and extending their life span
  • – by optimising the distribution and route maps of municipal vehicles
  • – by reducing theft or misuse of equipment (out of contract), etc.
  • It also allows an effective safety policy to be implemented upstream and on site:
  • – TGU-R identifies dangerous behaviour in order to implement an effective safety policy upstream and on site.
  • – It allows buses to comply with the speed limits in speed limit zones depending on their position.
  • TGU-R is already in use on some London buses, for example.

This new ACTIA platform represents strong growth prospects for ACTIA telematics, not only with its long-standing customers who, by renewing their platform, are reaffirming their confidence in ACTIA, but also with integrators, who see the TGU-R 4 G W as an extremely comprehensive retrofit solution.
The new solution will permanently replace the old one at the end of 2023.

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