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The ACTIA Colomiers 5.0 project takes shape

… with support from the Occitanie-France region. ACTIA is accelerating along its transformation roadmap for the Group’s industrial showcase factory, aiming for effective deployment in December 2024. The project, which has received an investment subsidy from the Occitanie region under the Innovation Contract, consists of the 360° transformation of the factory in accordance with 4 objectives: industrial performance, energy performance, prevention of cybersecurity risks, and social performance by improving working conditions and enhancing the appeal of the industry’s professions.

The Innovation Contract: boosting the transformation of the Colomiers plant

ACTIA is pulling out all the stops to keep to the roadmap’s schedule for modernising its Colomiers plant, with a deadline set for December 2024.

This innovation project has received a subsidy from the Occitanie region under the Innovation Contract scheme. The Innovation Contract was set up in July 2017 and is a scheme aimed at regional companies wishing to roll out either an individual or joint innovation project. The scheme is not limited to technological innovation. It also includes the notions of process-related, organisational and social innovation.

ACTIA has been granted a boost to its budget by the Occitanie region, for the 360° transformation of its Colomiers plant, in line with the ‘Vitrine Usine du Futur’ (Showcase Factory of the Future) label that it was awarded in the summer of 2022 by the national platform ‘Alliance Industrie du Futur (AIF)’.”

States David Elizalde, Director of New Programmes and International Development.

The ACTIA Colomiers 5.0 roadmap

The operational milestones for ACTIA’s Colomiers 5.0 factory modernisation project have now been set, in accordance with four objectives.

1-Industrial performance: consolidate and improve industrial performance by modernising, digitalising, automating and securing ACTIA’s industrial foothold, particularly for small and medium production runs of circuit boards.

  • How?
  • – Through the development and deployment of the MES (Manufacturing Execution System) software layer, as well as new automated and robotic processes,
  • – Through the introduction of Artificial Intelligence within the factory so that predictive manufacturing can be applied.

2-Energy and environmental performance: the project aims to improve energy and environmental performance by reducing the plant’s carbon footprint and energy consumption. This is in line with the recommendations from the latest energy audit carried out by BUREAU VERITAS, for example: enhanced monitoring of energy consumption inside the factory and improved energy performance for buildings by installing better insulation.

3-Prevention of cybersecurity risks: the project will contribute to reinforcing security for our industrial assets by deploying new tools. This goes beyond the aims of the ISO 27001 standard’s cybersecurity approach as it addresses cyber risks as a whole.

By taking various measures that remain confidential, but which effectively create a security “bubble” protecting our site and the products manufactured there.

4-Social performance: true to its commitments and human values, ACTIA wants to improve working conditions and enhance the appeal of the Group’s industrial professions via new technologies.

Through the introduction of new resources and processes that will make production technicians’ jobs evolve.

ACTIA Colomiers 5.0 will thus strengthen ACTIA’s position as an Occitanie-based benchmark in the electronics industry, for the benefit of all sectors, particularly the automotive, aerospace, defence, rail, energy and telecommunications industries.

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