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Press conference, september, 30 2021
For ACTIA The Public Transport of the Future is brought into the present

#1- How the ACTIA model addresses
public transport developments in a relevant and unique way

“There is this ability among the group’s men and women to get ready for battle, stand together and unite their efforts in the most critical situations. This shared commitment to customer service is one of the strong values on which ACTIA is built. ACTIA is a deeply human company, where open-minded enthusiasts who are resolutely focused on the future give the company its soul, a little something extra that makes it unique.”
Jean-Louis Pech, CEO of the ACTIA group

#2-Creation of the ACTIA POWER division: ACTIA works for sustainable mobility

With the new ACTIA Power division and its entities, including ACTIA Power France, the ACTIA group is mobilising all the assets of a global partner for electromobility projects. By supporting its customers in their ecological transition, ACTIA maintains the trusting relationship it has built together with its customers for the same aim: to jointly address the challenges of shifting the market towards sustainable and more environmentally friendly mobility.”  Jean-Louis Pech, CEO of the ACTIA group.

#3- ACTIA is now investing in micromobility: ACTIA works for sustainable mobility

“Micromobility refers to the family of small lightweight vehicles used in urban areas such as electric bikes, folding bikes, hoverboards, electric scooters, gyrowheels, electric skateboards and all other electric motor vehicles. It provides an agile and clean solution for short distances that complement bus, metro, tram, and train journeys, for example.
Technology is an important component of this ‘portable’ mobility. The innovations needed are aimed at improving safety, simplifying use, and optimising battery management in an eco-friendly way. Vehicle electrification, connectivity… ACTIA therefore has all the expertise required to meet this new challenge: supporting the development of new practices for multimodal mobility.”
Jean-Louis Pech, CEO of the ACTIA group.

#4-ACTIA works for the all-round performance of passenger transport

“….ACTIA is a global player in public transport, and we can make a great contribution to this growing demand for performance. We are talking not only about the technical performance of the vehicles, but also about economic and ecological performance.  Performance in the services offered to users is just as important, with the prospect in sight of a passenger journey which is as smooth, pleasant, and safe as possible… ACTIA’s approach therefore falls within this goal of all-round performance.”
Jean-Louis Pech, CEO of the ACTIA group.

#5- ACTIA: innovation as a driving force

“In order to support the profound changes in the public transport sector, at a regulatory, social and technological level, ACTIA aims to offer its manufacturer, operator and institutional partners the best technological solutions, for clean, connected, safe and autonomous vehicles.
The ACTIA group is directing its innovation efforts to achieve two major goals that are not only technological but also societal and environmental: Smart Mobility and Smart Cities.”
Jean-Louis Pech, CEO of the ACTIA group.


#6-TISSÉO Collectivités-ACTIA:
two local players involved in the energy transition of public transport in Toulouse

The RNTP trade fair in Toulouse is an opportunity to bring together the many players in public transport and in particular the Toulouse ecosystem, which is deeply committed to mobility. TISSÉO Collectivités and ACTIA are local players in this ecosystem and are jointly committed to developing clean mobility. Their long-standing technological partnership focuses on eco-driving, remote maintenance and predictive maintenance solutions.

#7- IVECO France and ACTIA
A partnership driven by strong common values

IVECO France, with its two brands IVECO BUS and HEULIEZ, is one of ACTIA’s long-standing customers. ACTIA equips the manufacturer’s bus ranges with the Podium 2 dashboard connected to embedded electronic equipment, which manages the electric functions of the vehicles. In the current renewal phase of the IVECO BUS and HEULIEZ ranges, all of the French manufacturer’s new urban models will incorporate the ACTIA dashboard. The two vehicles presented at the IVECO France stand at the RNTP trade fair in Toulouse are a good illustration of this partnership.

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