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Recovery plan for the aftermarket sector in France: ACTIA shows its commitment

Lockdown has ended and, now more than ever, the automobile aftermarket sector needs to see concrete action. Garages need to boost their business, maximise their productivity and restore their profitability. ACTIA is committed to supporting them, providing special offers on high-performance products at reasonable prices, which is key for starting up again post lockdown, financing operations that will provide rapid returns on investment, and strengthening its services for professionals.

A closer look at the recovery plan for the aftermarket sector

 Gradual return to work

After 2 months of lockdown, motorists can finally get back on the road. Aftermarket operators will be handling vehicles that have been off the road for many weeks. There will be a gradual influx of vehicles brought into garages, so they will need to be equipped with high-performance tools to meet this increase in demand.

 Rapid returns on investment are needed

During this crisis, the profitability of garages was severely tested. As they return to work, garage owners will need to be assured of an even more immediate return on their investments in future purchases, as well as the support of vehicle equipment manufacturers.

 Productivity impacted by health regulations

All garages are impacted by the health regulations in place. In one way or another, they restrict the company’s productivity. Repair professionals will have to carry out their daily activities faster and more efficiently.

ACTIA shows its commitment through concrete actions

ACTIA is determined to provide the necessary support for automobile aftermarket operators so that they can successfully meet these challenges relating to high demand, productivity and profitability.

 Efficient, low-cost, essential equipment for improving profitability and productivity

 Multi-Diag Go, non-binding multi-make diagnostics

Multi-Diag, ACTIA’s multi-make diagnostics software, is now offering a non-binding solution. Repair professionals can now benefit from Multi-Diag at a reasonable price, with the option of cancelling their subscription at any time. Multi-Diag helps repair professionals to meet their customers’ requests with vehicle coverage that includes more than 50 makes and models. It also helps garages to meet their needs in terms of productivity via its Express Diag function, which allows default codes to be identified quickly, and its catalogue of previously-resolved faults, which helps make interventions easier.

 ADAS Wheel-Diag, ADAS-compatible low-cost wheel alignment

Wheel-Diag is a new CCD wheel aligner with 100% ACTIA software. It is a modular solution, compatible with ADAS. With its lightweight arms weighing 2.4 kg, its ergonomic/user-friendly software that is easy to master and its reasonable price, it is an immediately-accessible and operational piece of equipment.

Personalized financing options so your company can recover quickly

 36- or 48-month financing on all of ACTIA’s automobile aftermarket range.

ACTIA is offering a financing option of 36 or 48 months for its entire aftermarket range. Thanks to its partners, ACTIA’s new repair customers can opt to defer their first payment for up to 90 days as we recover from this crisis period.

 Possible deferral of monthly payments for all ACTIA customers

Again with the support of its financial partners, ACTIA set up a personalised management service for its customers at the beginning of lockdown, and will continue this service until the end of the summer. Repair professionals who have acquired their equipment through these partners will be able to request a deferral of their monthly payments.

Full support from the entire ACTIA technical-sales team

 Our Expert Hotline service for free for 3 months

Until 31st July 2020, repair professionals who subscribe to a Multi-Diag service for the first time will have three months of unlimited access to our expert hotline. This will enable them to boost their productivity at a lower cost.

 Remote demo services, quotes and webinars have all been set up

Since the beginning of lockdown, ACTIA’s 35 technicians have performed dozens of field interventions. In addition, ACTIA has also put together an A-to-Z process for remote demonstrations, commissioning and training. These services, used both face-to-face and remotely all over France, meet the health and safety regulations recommended to ensure that business can be resumed as much as possible.

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