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ACTIA is supporting the arrival of increasing numbers of electric cars in rental fleets

Professional fleets and vehicle rental companies engaged in the transition to sustainable mobility are “greening” their fleets by incorporating electric vehicles. The ACTIA Ican telematics solution offers strong coverage for electrified vehicles and can help fleet managers in introducing and managing these new vehicles. Here’s how it works.

Entry into force of the French Mobility Orientation Law (LOM) for car rental companies

Low emission vehicles must make up 10% of the fleet

On 1 January 2022, the first mandatory stage of the French Mobility Orientation Law (LOM) came into force. The shift towards electric mobility is becoming mandatory for company fleets and vehicle rental companies. For the latter, the law requires that 10% of the fleet be replaced with low emission vehicles. And this is just the beginning, as the law also sets out gradual increases over the coming years: 20% from 1 January 2024, and 35% from 1 January 2027.

The introduction of new energy vehicles: what are the challenges for rental companies?

Although combustion engine vehicles, in particular diesel vehicles, which are well suited to intensive use in fleets, are still dominant in the professional world, change has been under way for just under two years.

In 2021, rental companies doubled their purchases of electric vehicles compared to 2020*. However, the barriers to large-scale investment in electric vehicles persist for various reasons:

  • – Electric vehicles are more expensive than conventional vehicles. However, the obstacles hindering companies from purchasing electric vehicles are beginning to fall by the wayside, notably due to the possibility of tax deductions.
  • – Difficulties in resale and more specifically the complexity of determining the resale value of vehicles that may be obsolete in a few months’ time due to rapid market developments.
  • – Infrastructure costs: purchase and installation of charging stations; here too, government aid is an incentive.
  • – Charging time for electric vehicles: a complex factor that can affect employees’ work.
  • – The current inadequacy of the network of charging stations across the country.
  • – The change in business model and the way in which the rent for electric vehicles is determined. And the problem is the same for insurers: how is the value, and therefore the insurance premium, determined?
  • As such, those involved in the company fleet ecosystem are at a crossroads:
  • – a very wide range of vehicles,
  • – tax incentives, but more expensive vehicles,
  • – economic models to be reconsidered.

ACTIA: engaged in the energy transition of vehicle rental companies fleet

Fleet audit tool

ACTIA solutions can be used to conduct a comprehensive audit of fleet activity. The ACTIAFleet electrification report provides a detailed account of fleet activity, vehicle by vehicle, and of each vehicle’s actual usage. The ACTIA audit tool effectively replaces driver surveys.

This detailed interpretation can be used to identify fully or partially electrifiable vehicles (hybrids). This analysis also provides the requirements in terms of vehicle autonomy when choosing the range. It will be instrumental in defining the company’s car policy.

Features specific to electric vehicles

ACTIA is following the electric trend and responding to customer demand by enhancing its management tool to facilitate fleet electrification with:

  • – Continuous monitoring of the battery range and state of charge (SoC) to ensure that employees can carry out their duties without interruption;
    – The measurement of electrical consumption and the actual impact of electrification on the total cost of ownership (TCO);
  • – The automatic carbon footprint and the impact of electrification on the company’s carbon footprint;
  • Real-time information on the state of health (SoH) of the vehicle’s battery: remaining charging time, battery level;
  • – Allocation on demand of EVs according to their charge level and the needs of the requesting party: information on charge status, available range and time remaining until full charge.
  • – Mileage reporting for each vehicle.

Wide coverage of electrified vehicles 

By offering the latest manufacturer technologies and clean engines, ACTIA telematics covers a wide range of vehicles that are new to the market.
This is the result of the group’s engineering performance, which has long focused on communication technologies and vehicle architecture. ACTIA is a long-standing partner of vehicle manufacturers in the field of embedded electronics and electronic diagnostics. Its design offices have all the expertise required to develop solutions that are tailored to the expectations of the market.

“ACTIA has embraced the technological shift towards electrification by keeping Ican coverage up to date. By adding electric expertise to its skill set, ACTIA’s telematics tool has increased its attractiveness and usefulness to rental companies and corporate fleets,”

says Jérôme Piat, Head of Connected Vehicle Business Development

*French National Federation of Automotive Industry Professionals

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