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E-Bikes: ACTIA opts for flexibility with its wheel or hub motors

A customised electrification range for e-bikes: for high-performance electric bicycles.
ACTIA, a professional brand in electronic equipment for e-bikes, presents its three drive options for electric bicycles fitted with hub motors (or wheel motors). Why this range of drive options? Simply because hub motors offer many advantages in terms of economy, flexibility and adaptability to the various needs and desires of users.
As a result, ACTIA offers modular and flexible electrification kits suited to all types of users and bikes, whether commuter, leisure or sports bikes… Without overlooking the need for sportiness and power, for which ACTIA offers two mid-drive options.

The wheel motor: why is this an interesting alternative to the mid-motor?

ACTIA gives you the main advantages of a hub drive.

ACTIA’s range of electrification for e-bikes: pedalling sensations similar to mid-motor bicycles thanks to customised riding

Hub motor for e-bikes

Since they are controlled in “binary assist” mode and have no interaction with the cyclist, hub motors have often been overshadowed by mid-motors, which provide better sensations. But this reckoned without ACTIA’s know-how in motor control software, used for the “pedalling sensation.”
As a specialist in e-bike electrification, ACTIA offers a range of drive options representing an attractive alternative to traditional mid-motors for electric bicycles.

Easy to install and maintain

Hub motors are installed in the wheel and do not require major changes to the geometry of the bicycle frame, unlike mid-motors which must be installed in the bottom bracket shell. This installation can make bicycle maintenance more challenging and can also limit the mounting options for accessories.

A quieter motor

Hub motors are often quieter than mid-motors, as they transmit less vibration and noise to the bicycle’s structure.

A smoother riding experience

With the customised riding mode, these motors also provide smoother and more gradual pedal assist, which may be appreciated by cyclists who prefer a more natural riding experience.

The ACTIA’s range of electrification for e-bikes: for a more economical electric bike, from production to the purchase

Hub motors are often more affordable than mid-motors, as they are generally less complex to produce and install. This can make them more accessible to cyclists who are looking to add electric assist to their existing bicycle or who are looking for a more cost-effective option for a new electric bike.

For more reliable bikes

Wheel motors are often considered to be more reliable than mid-motors, as they are less likely to be affected by wear and tear to the transmission system. This may result in lower maintenance and repair costs in the long term.

The ACTIA electrification range for e-bikes: modular & flexible riding modes

A range of ACTIA wheel drive options with multiple advantages: economy, performance, customisation and ease of use. Here is a detailed summary.

Speed Drive: for simple and affordable bikes

Speed Drive is the ideal riding solution for those looking for an inexpensive and eco-friendly way to get around town. This mode offers control based on the speed requested by the cyclist.

The “Speed Drive” motor can deliver between 40 and 60 Nm of power, making it easy to tackle steep slopes and hills.
Due to its straightforward design and easy installation, the “Speed Drive” motor is particularly suited to budget bicycles. It is also inexpensive to maintain and repair, making it a cost-effective option in the long term.

Digital Drive: the best compromise between economy and dynamism

This hub drive evaluates a digital torque and offers a riding sensation similar to that of a mid-motor, whilst remaining an economical solution for manufacturers and users.

The motor provides assistance based on a software simulation of the effort made by the user. This principle has the advantage of adding to the sense of “being at one with” your e-bike. The assistance is proportional without adding any extra sensors or components, which is a significant economic advantage.

Many other parameters of the user and their environment can therefore be digitised before being taken into account by the motor control software.

The digital torque considerably improves hub-drive performance. It offers dynamic and configurable motor control, thereby allowing cyclists to tailor their riding experience to their needs.
This hub drive option is perfectly suited to the needs of the most demanding cyclists.

Torque Drive: taking into account the effort produced by the user

This configuration combines a physical torque sensor with ACTIA motor control software. This combination means the torque produced by the cyclist can be taken into account in a real and more precise way, and in any circumstances: from starting, during acceleration, in cruise mode, etc.

The torque sensor is positioned in the bottom bracket shell with no need for any prior adjustment of the frame: an additional advantage for e-bike designers and manufacturers.

Both hardware and software are used to provide many of the parameters taken into account in the motor control loop.

For these three models, please note: Speed Drive, Digital Drive and Torque Drive

  • – Connected services, such as the mobile app, BLE connectivity and self-diagnostics, offer a more convenient and personalised riding experience.
  • – The battery also includes a BMS (Battery Management System): for maximum safety and service life.
  • – The battery can be mounted on the luggage rack or on the down tube, providing design flexibility for bicycle manufacturers.
  • It should be noted that the down tube versionoptimises the weight distribution and helps to improve handling.

Mid-drive or mid-motors

Pedal motor for e-bikes

It is important to note that hub motors can have some disadvantages, such as heavier wheels and more limited braking options. In addition, they may not provide as much power or efficiency as mid-motors in more difficult riding situations, such as on steep slopes, or for bicycles used to carry heavy loads. This is why ACTIA also offers mid-drives with:

Smart Rider: smooth pedalling and comfortable riding

Smart Rider drive is designed to offer a smooth and comfortable riding experience thanks to its high-quality mid-motor. This provides a torque of 85 Nm, which is perfectly suited to the needs of urban cyclists and transport professionals who need a reliable and efficient electric bicycle.

The Smart Rider mid-motor is compact and configurable, offering precise motor control for a more personalised riding experience.


  • – This drive option is equipped with a mobile app that offers BLE connectivity and convenient self-diagnostics, allowing users to customise their riding experience to their needs and track their bicycle’s performance in real time.
  • -The battery can be mounted on the luggage rack, the down tube or the seat tube, or installed in the frame.

Cargo Rider: for powerful, high-performance bicycles, suitable for heavy loads

Cargo Rider drive is an optimised solution for transporting heavy loads. With 120 Nm of torque and a nominal voltage of 36-48 V, this drive option offers high power for a smooth and efficient riding experience for transport professionals.

Key points:

ACTIA offers a range of drive options for electric bicycles fitted with hub motors that provide many advantages in terms of:

  • – Economy, with a lower cost than mid-motors,
  • – Flexibility,
  • – Adaptability to the different needs and desires of users,
  • – Easy installation and maintenance,
  • – Riding experience, which is smoother,
  • – In short, fun!

The range is completed by mid-motors that meet a broader range of requirements, always with mastery and optimal control.

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