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DISTRIGO is expanding its offer to multi-make diagnostics with ACTIA

DISTRIGO, the distributor of automotive parts, accessories, products, and equipment for shops in the STELLANTIS group, is integrating ACTIA multi-make diagnostic tools in its supplier catalogue, with Multi-Diag 360 in particular.

DISTRIGO is now offering them ACTIA diagnostic equipment.

To help multi-make repair professionals deal with changes to ECUs, driving assistance systems, drive systems, or even regulations, which complicate automotive diagnostics, DISTRIGO is now offering them ACTIA diagnostic equipment.

ACTIA’s multi-make diagnostic tool, Multi-Diag 360, can be used by multi-make repair professionals, regardless of the vehicle, to:

  • – Diagnose all ECUs in one click,
    Resolve all failures using a database associated with the fault codes,
    Replace faulty parts quickly,Access all vehicle information they require,
    • – Connect their shop to current and future vehicles.


“DISTRIGO and its 38 partner hubs are doing everything possible to simplify the day-to-day activities of automotive repair professionals so they can work on all vehicle makes and models. Adding Multi-Diag 360 to the catalogue addresses a real need for repair professionals, by giving them concrete solutions for advanced diagnostics, including locked or secure functions for the most recent vehicles”. 

Explains Christophe Gloux, Sales Manager for DISTRIGO France

“Our Multi-Diag 360 tool is packed with ACTIA’s expertise in diagnostics. It benefits from all the latest innovations. Multi-Diag 360 offers remote assistance solutions for updating and reconfiguring ECUs to reduce the need to outsource diagnostic operations. With this listing, ACTIA is making comprehensive support available to DISTRIGO customers, with after-sales service in particular, including standard replacement in 24 hours, a dedicated technical support hotline, remote diagnostic solutions, and diagnostic assistance training.”

According to Sébastien Thiriez, Sales and Distribution Manager at ACTIA


DISTRIGO is a multi-brand replacement parts distributor of the STELLANTIS group. A network of 38 distribution hubs in France and 135 hubs in Europe. Its commercial and logistics strategy has made it a one-stop shop for replacement parts distribution for both certified and independent repair professionals.

DISTRIGO’s 360° offer of:

  • – Original MOPAR parts and accessories for Peugeot, Citroën, DS and OPEL cars with over 300,000 references, 
  • – Parts in the Equipment Manufacturer range with 33 premium brands and 180 product families,
  • – Exclusive EUROREPAR multi-brand parts
  • – SUSTAINera parts from the circular economy: remanufactured, repaired, reused, and recycled.

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