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Creation of the ACTIA POWER Division

With the new ACTIA Power division and its entities, including ACTIA Power France, the ACTIA group is mobilising all the assets of a global partner for electromobility projects. By supporting its customers in their ecological transition, ACTIA maintains the trusting relationship it has built together with its customers for the same aim: to jointly address the challenges of shifting the market towards sustainable and more environmentally friendly mobility.” 
Jean-Louis Pech, CEO of the ACTIA group.

ACTIA continues to structure the Power division, enhancing the clarity of its vehicle electrification businesses. This division consolidates the various activities of the ACTIA group relating to the design and manufacture of on-board batteries, power electronics and electrification systems for electric and hydrogen hybrid mobility.

Flashback on ACTIA’s historic expertise in electromobility

The transition from internal combustion engine vehicles to other types of mobility is a worldwide priority for addressing environmental and public health challenges. This transition began more than two decades ago but has accelerated sharply in recent years in order to deal with today’s ecological challenges.

True to its values for more environmentally friendly mobility and tuned in to market needs, ACTIA has come up to the mark right from the outset: in the late 1990s, the group was involved in developing the first ground-breaking electric vehicle for a French car manufacturer (Renault).

ACTIA’s long-established history in vehicle electronics and power management means the group can now offer manufacturers end-to-end electrification and power conversion solutions.

Supporting the ecological transition of vehicles

ACTIA is a long-standing partner of manufacturers and integrators of industrial, commercial and railway vehicles. The ACTIA Power division draws on this past experience. Its ambition is to develop a strong international footprint, both technological and industrial, to support manufacturers with their electromobility and vehicle electrification programmes.

The technological anchoring of this new division is reinforced by the strategic partnership signed between ACTIA and CEA Tech.

ACTIA Power brings together several entities around the world

The ACTIA Power division is structured around the ACTIA Power holding company and various affiliated entities: design offices, industrial sites and commercial front offices in France, Germany, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

In France, electromobility-related activities are carried out by ACTIA Power France. This entity includes the technical, sales and customer support teams.

An international industrial footprint

ACTIA’s flexible and modular industrial organisation, from small to large production runs, is a key success factor in this electric vehicle market.
The industrial electromobility business has three production sites in Europe and the United States.

ACTIA relies on a team of experts to model the group’s production facilities on an international scale. This group synergy makes it possible to pool tools and developments.

The combination of these production units provides ACTIA with industrial capabilities of a high technological level and of equal quality, regardless of the country of production. This desire to raise all of the group’s production facilities to the same level of performance in terms of quality and competitiveness is part of the group’s strategy.

ACTIA’s electromobility terrain

The creation of the ACTIA Power division is a major line of development for ACTIA.  

It demonstrates the group’s commitment to the challenges of sustainable mobility.

The group has developed its expertise across the whole on-board offer of an electric vehicle:

  • – engine and powertrain system;
  • – battery and battery management system;
  • – power conversion;
  • – associated engineering services for turnkey designs.

Drawing on its position as a major partner of the manufacturers in its traditional markets, the group is expanding its offer for the demanding and diverse railway, heavy goods vehicle, bus and coach, agriculture, construction, and shipping markets. ACTIA’s e-mobility offer is also attracting new customers, such as integrators, coach builders and manufacturers of other types of vehicles such as municipal vehicles or mining equipment … ACTIA is making electromobility possible everywhere, for all markets and architectures.

Removing the barriers to e-mobility

ACTIA supports the industry, which is facing profound technological, environmental, and societal challenges in a context of tremendous change in the sector. The group is positioning itself as a major player in the deployment of key e-mobility technologies. ACTIA is therefore helping to remove the many technological barriers that still exist, through various innovation programmes.

For example, ACTIA is leading the Power2024 innovation project as part of the national CORAM call for projects. The aim of the innovation project is to break down the barriers to the electrification of heavy vehicles.

To be more precise, ACTIA will collaborate with the other members of the consortium and cover the development of:

  • – “cell-to-pack” battery systems
  • – multi-level and multi-application miniaturised power conversion modules
  • – power optimisation algorithms and their approval on hydrogen buses and 100% battery-powered buses.

Driven by innovations that generate sustainable competitive advantages and a strong national and regional base, the POWER2024 project will:

  • – increase the sector’s competitiveness
  • – develop a future industrial presence in the Occitanie region
  • – and create jobs.

It is consistent with green mobility, concerned with its impact on the whole ecosystem.

The growth of ACTIA’s activities on the electric vehicle market and the group’s technological expertise in power electronics are rooted in its responsibility with respect to environmental issues.

ACTIA’s full electromobility offer is available at:

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