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ACTIA’s Smart Validator 3C: ACTIA launches its first smart ticketing system

ACTIA launches Smart Validator 3C, a new smart ticketing system. The first module to propose four technologies for validating or purchasing tickets. This module has got off to a promising start on the market, having been selected as the Prize Winner of the 2019 Embedded and Connected Objects Trophies event at the MtoM Embedded trade fair, and given that it is already up and running in a fleet of 250 school buses travelling all over Normandy.

Join the virtual EuMo Expo (The European Mobility Exhibition) to take a look at it on the ACTIA space from 15 to 16 December 2020.

 Available in ticket sale or validation (stamping) versions

The Smart Validator 3C module is designed for fleet integrators and operators alike, using their own ticketing system. It can be used on board or as a stand-alone unit: for the sale of tickets to passengers and ticket validation. The ticket sale version of the module offers users the option of purchasing individual or group tickets. The integrated EMV1 and 2 reader carries out the required bank transaction and, as necessary, adapts the fare according to the zone of the city and the location of the validator.

ACTIA revolutionises ticketing

The Smart Validator 3C satisfies environmental requirements with a fully digital offer.

  • Compact yet brimming with technology

The ACTIA validator takes up very little space. In fact, it is the most compact validator on the market. It is the first ticketing module to offer the four technologies for validating or purchasing a ticket: RFID (or radio-frequency identification), by credit card, including contact-free payment, by Bluetooth reader or QR code. Passengers therefore have the option of validating their ticket with their smartphone by automatic detection.

  • Modular, customisable and bespoke

The validation options are available as bespoke solutions and can be combined or remain perfectly separate. These ultra-fast ticket validation methods help to smooth the flow of passengers and improve users’ travel experience.

  • Easy integration and interoperability

With Plug and Play technology, the system is fully compatible and interoperable with the vehicle’s host solutions. The format facilitates its integration into any type of bus. The removable front panel of the front terminal is designed so that the attachment bracket can be left in the bus during maintenance operations: This reduces downtime (less than one minute).

Major cities are currently reviewing their ticketing solutions and other technologies are also being explored, such as biometrics. ACTIA has designed Smart Validator to easily integrate this technology and respond quickly to market developments.

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