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iCAN2 a confirmed success among major vehicle leasing companies and telematics experts

ACTIA’s latest participation in the Rencontres Flottes Automobiles (booth C12) trade show is a great opportunity for the group to highlight the remarkable growth in its iCAN2 telematics unit business. Five thousand units were sold in 2020 and this year it is set to reach a sales volume of 15,000 units. Forecast sales for 2022 are in excess of 50,000 units!
iCAN2 is entirely designed and manufactured in France. The technological performance and the quality of the data generated by this small telematics unit have enabled it to become the up-and-coming benchmark among large European long- and short-lease rental companies and LV/LCV telematics integrators.

“Made in France” and approved by customers

iCAN2 is designed by ACTIA at the group’s engineering department in Toulouse and is mass produced at its fine electronics plant in Colomiers. This plant is a highly certified industrial environment in which ACTIA manufactures electronic products and on-board communications systems for various sectors: automotive, aeronautics, space, energy, etc. These production facilities meet the quality requirements of all those markets and is a model of industrial excellence boosting customer satisfaction and industrial competitiveness.

User-centric technological performance

Telematics unit
  • Located in the passenger compartment, almost invisible. A model of miniaturization (5 x 5 cm), iCAN2 accommodates concentrated technologies for vehicle connectivity.
  • Data accuracy and reliability. It generates high-quality vehicle data securely and accurately.
  • Easy to use. iCAN2 is a single telematics system for multiple makes and is used in “Plug & Play” mode on an OBD socket. It is equipped with automatic vehicle recognition.
  • Predictive maintenance of vehicles. The ACTIA telematics unit allows the vehicle ECU fault codes to be read remotely, for preventive diagnostics.
  • Brand coverage. iCAN2 can handle data from the major European vehicle makes.
  • Key-ring button. The Bluetooth LE remote control contains a unique code that can be used as the driver ID for car-sharing.
  • -And to be unveiled at the preview during the Rencontres Flottes Automobiles 2021 trade show: SmartEvo.
    An iCAN2 extension for adding driver identification features by RFID badge, alert button features and relay control features to the system via ICAN.

The synergy of the Group’s long-standing know-how in vehicle architecture, diagnostics and connectivity endows it with unique expertise in vehicle data management.

ACTIA can rely on the strong partnerships it has fostered with vehicle manufacturers, equipment manufacturers, aftermarket and repair professionals, bus fleet operators, truck operators, and light vehicle and commercial vehicle operators to propose ever-more sophisticated and innovative solutions with a cross-cutting approach to the markets.

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