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ACTIA’s eco-driving solution is tested at TISSEO

ACTIA’s telematics system, myACTIAfleet, tested by the TISSEO public transport network in Toulouse, has produced its first significant results. The ACTIA solution, which can be used to monitor and manage the operator’s eco-driving approach, has generated a 5% decrease in average consumption over a six-month period (January to July 2019). This represents a savings of 27,000 liters of fuel. The system was tested on two lines and 62 diesel, VNG and hybrid vehicles in service on the network.

This solution has been tested by the operator and makes the Toulouse transport network more efficient. It is fully in line with the environmental protection plan, since TISSEO is gradually upgrading its fleet to operate new, more environmentally-friendly electric vehicles. Based on these promising initial results, TISSEO will deploy the system to an additional 150 vehicles in 2020.

TISSEO is not the only operator to adopt ACTIA’s eco-driving solution. It is used in more than fifteen other French cities, such as Paris, Marseille, Bordeaux, Nîmes, Avignon, Dijon, etc.

ACTIA continues innovative work on its telematics solutions

ACTIA’s eco-driving solution aims to save fuel, reduce CO2 emissions and improve passenger safety and comfort. This solution is intended for public transport operators. It can be used to view geolocalized eco-driving events, activity reports and business intelligence dashboards in real time in order to manage teams of drivers more effectively. The main activity indicators are measured for each vehicle or driver: fuel consumption, CO2 emissions, mileage travelled, comfort and safety scores linked to various parameters measured when the vehicle is driven. Finally, the system offers driver ranking and comparisons according to their eco-driving performance and driving comfort (braking, accelerations, jolts, etc.) in order to adapt training programs.

As for engines, the solution handles all types of energy: diesel, hybrid, gas, new electric sources, and hydrogen will be added soon. Finally, its upcoming versions will feature an integrated display on the Podium 2 dashboard, a flagship product for the ACTIA brand, which has won over the world’s leading manufacturers.

The eco-driving module is an integral part of the brand’s telematics offer, which also covers driver training (FCO), remote maintenance (also used by the TISSEO network), and passenger counting. For coaches, the offer covers immobiliser breath tests and remote uploading of tachograph data.

ACTIA’s Public Transport expertise

ACTIA is a long-standing partner for major European manufacturers of commercial vehicles in general, and specifically buses and coaches. A pioneer in multiplexed electronic architectures, the group supports development in the sector by proposing innovations addressing the major challenges of mobility. These include: passenger safety and comfort, driver safety and comfort, environmental protection and management imperatives that allow manufacturers to stand out in the eyes of their operator and integrator clients.

ACTIA interfaces the electronic architecture of vehicles with telematics solutions, opening them to services that are interoperable with manufacturers’ and operators’ proprietary fleet management applications. ACTIA is a founding member of the IT&PT association which promotes its interoperable embedded solutions in the field of public transport.

At BusWorld 2019, ACTIA presented a range of IT&PT certified solutions including telematics modules, driver screens, passenger information screens, video surveillance solutions and Ethernet switches.

ACTIA is committed to taking up the new challenges of smart, connected, safe and sustainable mobility. Today, ACTIA is seen as a leader in eco-innovation, in particular due to its solutions for eco-driving, vehicle inspection and electric traction, and especially its voluntary CSR approach, taking into account both processes and its employees.

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