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ACTIA presents its innovations at Automotive World Japan 2021

The ACTIA Group will be one of the few western equipment manufacturers to be physically present at the Automotive World Japan exhibition, from 20 to 22 January 2021, the leading exhibition for automotive technologies in the Asian region. Its local subsidiary, ACTIA Japan, which is also celebrating its first year in Japan, invites its customers to its stand for the preview launch of its latest generation telematics platform, ACU6, on the Asian continent. ACTIA will also present its ICT—Information Communication Technologies—offer (based on ITxPT) for public transport. ACTIA’s presence at the exhibition will strengthen its position as a global supplier of solutions for on-board telematics and interoperable systems for public transport.

ACTIA presents the preview for its latest generation telematics platform : ACU6

At the Automotive World Japan exhibition, ACTIA will be launching a preview of its new ACU6 telematics unit.
This gateway boasts particularly high performance, because it is both scalable and cross-sectoral: it is simultaneously geared to the bus, lorry and construction vehicle markets.
This comprehensive design enables it to support all communication technologies and gives it the ability to host multiple applications: manufacturers, operators, navigation, etc.
It offers a high level of connectivity while responding to the challenges of operating reliability and cybersecurity.
In its drive for innovation, ACTIA is building partnerships with major players in the field to virtualise hardware and partition the executed applications. The ACTIA platform may use a hypervisor.
5G integration becomes available as the market matures.

Telematic gateway ACU6

ACTIA offers interoperable (ITC) systems for public transport

The ACTIA information and telecommunication systems for public transport stem from the Group’s expertise in vehicle architecture. They offer new fully open approaches to equipment and services, hardware and software.
The functional blocks guarantee the interoperability of on-board services, reduce development costs for vehicles and systems as well as their replacement cost, while improving their user-friendliness and reliability.

The functional modules and their corresponding equipment are interfaced in “Plug & Play” mode on the on-board IP network in the vehicles, with standard connectors.

  • – Video surveillance system (CCTV) ;
  • – Passenger information ;
  • – Ticketing ;
  • – Driver terminal,

In addition to the offer, ACTIA’s operating data management system helps with the predictive maintenance of vehicles and improving their operating rate.

ACTIA, which has always been tuned in to the Japanese market, opened its subsidiary in September 2019: ACTIA Japan located in Yokohama. ACTIA: Valuing proximity to its customers. Its presence in Japan, demonstrates its determination to connect more closely with industry leaders in Japan, who are of great global importance on the automotive market. With ACTIA, Japanese manufacturers benefit from the Group’s long-established expertise in on-board electronic systems as well as the flexibility of a medium-sized company, capable of adapting its solutions to local requirements.

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