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ACTIA shares the Multi-Diag roadmap

In recent years, despite the turbulent environment affected by the crisis, ACTIA has been able to develop its multi-brand diagnostics solution, Multi-Diag, in response to the needs of the automotive aftermarket: electric vehicles, ADAS, PRP-Diag, data access, Expert Hotline, etc. What other innovations can Multi-Diag users expect? Pascal Laigo, Vehicle Lifecycle Management Director

What is the history of Multi-Diag?

Pascal Laigo

ACTIA is the pioneer for diagnostics in Europe. Thirty-five years ago, ACTIA developed the first diagnostic solutions in partnership with car manufacturers. Since then, the group has continuously supported their diagnostics strategy, by developing specific skills for using vehicle data. Multi-Diag is the beneficiary of these years of experience. The tool has carved out a niche in workshops of all types. Its Premium positioning attracts both major European distribution groups and independent garages.

What is the explanation for this Premium positioning?

Pascal Laigo

True to its industrial heritage, ACTIA sets itself demanding quality, service and innovation criteria: when complying with manufacturer data, when applying standards and legislation, when purchasing data, etc. These constraints have an impact on our solution’s economic footprint, and explain its high-end position in the market.

To what does it owe its success?

Pascal Laigo

Multi-Diag is used by almost 15,000 garages worldwide. Users recognise its ease of
use, its power and the sophistication of its diagnostics. It is a trade-oriented tool, designed to be easy and intuitive to use. Throughout its development, Multi-Diag has been able to maintain its high-end positioning in terms of both hardware and service. Service is really what guides the Multi-Diag roadmap. It is the goal of “Customer Care”, which offers a comprehensive catalogue of services, stemming from a commitment to supporting technicians and the upskilling process. It is the case for the Multi-Diag group hotline, for which we have boosted volume capacities, and also training
with e-learning modules, webinars, etc. These services are supported by significant investments within ACTIA.

What will future Multi-Diag updates focus on?

Pascal Laigo

Innovation continues to drive ACTIA’s ongoing development of its multi-brand solution. Recently,
new features have been incorporated into Multi-Diag: ADAS, PRP Diag, new vehicle engines, etc. The Multi-Diag Roadmap will focus on continued integration of Security Gateways, and on the tool’s added value for electric and connected vehicles. In particular, we are considering the integration of new services in the workshop, with remote pre-reception or pre-diagnostics solutions.

What is your vision of the future of diagnostics?

Pascal Laigo
Pascal LAIGO

Pascal Laigo

With the deployment of new vehicle architectures with super ECUs, we think that access to data is going to change, opening up new possibilities for on-board diagnostics or self-diagnostics.
ACTIA sees excellent opportunities in multi-brand diagnostics, both on the manufacturer side,
seeing as they will have to adapt their offers in order to stand out, and on the aftermarket side, for which
interfacing issues will persist. Multi-brand diagnostics still has major challenges ahead of it, and ACTIA fully intends to continue making automobile diagnostics history.

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