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Smart Ethernet Switch

ACTIA presents AES.3 | Automotive Ethernet Switch 3

Smart Ethernet switch for public transport buses.
Route planning and fleet management are not the only advantages of digitalising public transport systems. It also gives operators the opportunity to offer passengers ever more attractive services, while optimising their own operations.
Thus, the number of functions to be managed by the bus’s computer network is multiplied: on-board video surveillance, ticketing, passenger counting, passenger information screens, on-board Wi-Fi, etc.

To meet this growing need for the exchange of potentially sensitive data, ACTIA now offers a layer 3 managed switch that meets ITXPT standards.
Available in 8 to 10 port versions, it is connected to the vehicle’s J1939 CAN Bus network and supports any BroadR-Reach device.
The AES.3 smart Ethernet switch is a central node of the embedded communication network. It meets the high operational requirements on board city buses: data flow management (including video), cyber security, remote maintenance and diagnostics, IP65, etc.


Ethernet switch

The AES.3 manageable switch provides the most comprehensive network administration functions. With its various features and configuration options (VLAN, Firewall, SNMP traps, IP routing, etc.). It is particularly suitable for monitoring large data flows.
Level 3 data management allows division into sub-networks. It makes it possible to configure a private virtual network to isolate certain applications and the data generated by them. Payment data, for example, can then be transmitted through a dedicated private network for added security.
By configuring counters, it produces diagnostic data on the “health” of the network, facilitating its maintenance which is essential for multi-task traffic.
The switch is capable of sending alert messages to the control centre in the event of an operating failure or failure of one of its devices.


The permissible
 transmission rate is approximately 100 Megabits at 1 Gigabit per port. AES.3 offers 8 Fast Ethernet ports and 2 Gigabit Ethernet ports. Both Fast Ethernet and Gigabit Ethernet support duplex transmission. This means that data is sent and received in both directions simultaneously. As such, the switch is two-way.

Easier and remote maintenance
AES.3 has an update mechanism (OTA – “Over The Air”) that allows remote device updates.

AES.3 adapts to difficult environments: it meets IP65 standards. It is designed to withstand vehicle shocks and vibrations and addresses new cyber security requirements: IEEE 802.1Q, SSH, SMNP, etc.

The manageable switch is at the heart of communication between embedded IT applications. It is fast, efficient and standardised according to ITXPT specifications. AES.3 rounds out the group’s offer of solutions for public transport: Telematics, MADT, IP monitors, ticket validators, etc.
It is manufactured in the group’s French electronics factory: ACTIA Colomiers, in the south of France. It rounds out the AES.2 range, which has already won over integrators and public transport operators in France and Europe.

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