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ACTIA opens its doors to students

Every year in November, the ACTIA Group kicks off its recruitment campaign for interns students for its sites in France. Members of the Human Resources team are on the ground. They are on hand to meet with candidates at the various career days organised by partner schools.
New opportunities are available in all the group’s business sectors. You can find them here:
To help you in your efforts, in these postings, you will find all the information you need to apply for a job at ACTIA, as well as advice from Claire Brière, ACTIA’s recruitment manager, on how to submit your application and succeed in your recruitment interview.

Why and how to apply for an internship (or work-study program) at ACTIA?

The number of students joining ACTIA teams in different sectors is increasing every year. These students are present for a period of 3 months to 3 years, and they split their time between training at school and their job within the company, where they are accompanied by a tutor and the teams. Why not you?

First experience at ACTIA

ACTIA, partner of schools

ACTIA has developed close relationships with the student community in order to:

  • – Make its professions and sectors known,
  • – Improve its appeal,
  • – And to promote access for students to the world of work.

The company has a dozen partner schools, including engineering schools such as INSA, ENSEEIHT, ISAE-SUPAERO, CESI, and more: all over France.

Prepare the candidate for a future job

Recruiting interns (or work-study trainees) is an excellent opportunity to bring new skills into our company. In addition to technological learning, the internship is also an opportunity to train our interns on our development procedures, our projects, and the specific roles in the organisation. The internship or work-study programme therefore prepares the candidate for a possible future job so that he or she is fully operational on our projects.” 

Explains Yassine ZOURGANI, Head of the ACTIA Application Software Department.

Richness and diversity in the positions offered

ACTIA is looking for all types of profiles: from BAC +2 to BAC +5, in different roles and on all its sites in France: Toulouse, Colomiers, Millau, and more. The positions are rich and diversified: in IT and electronics, of course, but there are also opportunities in sales or support roles.

Innovation as a corporate culture

Innovation is at the heart of ACTIA’s development strategy. The group invests 14 to 18% of its annual turnover in Research and Development. It therefore offers a range of positions in the fields of design, digital media, data (encryption), communications and cybersecurity.

Claire Brière, recruitment manager, gives you all the advice you need to apply for a job at ACTIA

What are the most sought-after programmes at ACTIA?

If you are driven by technical challenges and passionate about innovation, we currently have internship opportunities open to students at general and specialist Engineering Schools in the fields of electronics, industrial computing, mechanics, and on-board systems. We work closely with INSA, ENSEEIHT, and ISAE-SUPAERO in particular, and we also open our doors to those studying for specialised Master’s degrees in these same fields of application. Openness and international orientation are also of interest.

Does an open application have a chance of being processed?

Yes, you can apply in this way if you do not find an opening that matches your studies. Open applications are shared with all recruiting managers and staff to broaden the pool of potential candidates.

Do you need to speak more than one foreign language?

We operate in an international environment, so English is a must. A second language is a plus.

Do you have to take recruitment tests?

Technical questions and tests may be administered in order to certify your level of knowledge and your skills in specific technical areas.

Do you have any advice on how to approach a recruitment interview?

You have to be yourself and spontaneously share your current studies, experiences, and interests. It helps to highlight your knowledge, group projects and/or experiences related to the focus of the internship. The interview is an exchange, it allows us to make sure that what you are looking for aligns with what we can offer.

It is important to prepare for your interview by:
– learning about the company,
– structuring your presentation,
– making a list of questions to ask during the interview.

My advice would be to try to illustrate, as much as possible, what you are saying with concrete and operational examples, and thus demonstrate your ways of working and your strengths.

What are the most important things to remember when applying for a job?

– Tailor your CV and take time in writing it: it must be clear and succinct.
– Present your knowledge and experience in a real and transparent way: do not oversell yourself.
– Finally, prepare thoroughly for your interview. It is important to think about your studies and to look for an internship that is a good match.

My last piece of advice is to show your interest in our group.

Research ACTIA, its activities, its markets, its values, its innovations, its standards, etc.
You can find information about ACTIA on its various online media. Subscribe to the newsletter and follow ACTIA on LinkedIn. You will be ready for the interview!

As you can see, whether you are looking for a first professional placement or are already experienced, whatever your speciality or your wherever you’re from, our career site is THE place to find the offer that corresponds to your professional aims:

Our openings are also relayed on Jobteaser

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