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ACTIA innovates for its industrial excellence: ACTIA ACADEMY

ACTIA launches its ACTIA ACADEMY project. This project is part of the company’s constant quest for industrial excellence and aims to professionalise the methods used to transfer know-how within its production site, while standardising training programmes.

Ambitious Objectives for Know-How and Training

– Facilitate the integration of new recruits and build loyalty: ACTIA is committed to providing a welcoming and informative environment for new recruits, helping them settle into the company quickly.

– Support versatility and multi-skilling: The project aims to develop transferable skills through in-depth and diversified training.

– Maintain and develop key skills: ACTIA intends to maintain and enhance the skills that are essential to the success of its business.

This ambitious project identifies 5 key jobs within the company, for which 6 distinct career paths are planned. These jobs and career paths are carefully designed to meet the specific needs of the company and its employees.

Méthode de rectrutement par Simulation

A Unifying and Innovative project

ACTIA ACADEMY is a deeply unifying project within the company, involving all the factory’s stakeholders, from quality to production teams, managers, operational excellence, methods, processes, and HR. This collective involvement demonstrates ACTIA’s commitment to the development of its employees and the continuous improvement of its processes.

Moreover, this project is generating significant in-house innovation. It encourages people to find joint educational solutions and gets them thinking about the transmission of know-how, thereby strengthening the company’s culture of continuous learning and innovation.

Design of cutting-edge training and roll-out schedule

ACTIA is pleased to announce that the ACTIA ACADEMY project is in the final design phase for the first two training programmes. These training courses have been developed in line with the new job classifications in the Collective Bargaining Agreement for the Metallurgy Industry, and ACTIA has benefited from the expertise of an educational engineer in developing them.

The training courses are comprehensive, incorporating a range of teaching aids, practical worksheets, videos with demonstrations, and much more.

At the same time, ACTIA is setting up a small training group within the production workshop, for an immersive training experience. The company’s in-house trainers will also receive training to help them carry out their role as effectively as possible.

The first two training courses will be rolled out in the last quarter of 2023, while the other programmes will follow throughout 2024.

Qualiopi certification

ACTIA would like to recall its recent certification as a training organisation by Qualiopi. The audit, which took place on 30 and 31 May, was a resounding success, with no non-conformities detected. This certification confirms ACTIA’s commitment to quality and excellence in every area of its business activities.

ACTIA ACADEMY represents a significant step forward in ACTIA’s quest for industrial excellence, continuous innovation, and the development of its human capital. The company continues to make its mark as a leader in the automotive sector, while investing in the future of its employees and operations.

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