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ACTIA de México is venturing into a new market far removed from its usual customers.

The scope of application of ACTIA group solutions is varied and sometimes surprising. In this vein, ACTIA de México, the Mexican subsidiary of ACTIA Group based in Mexico City, has just signed a supply contract for onboard entertainment systems with a well-known offshore transportation company: Navinsa. These onboard video systems are generally popular with tourist coach companies. Nevertheless, ACTIA de México has risen to the challenge of equipping water shuttle seats. This is undeniably a great example of the Group’s diversification, giving us the opportunity to highlight our recognised expertise.

ACTIA touchscreens have grown sea legs

Welcome aboard

The support vessel company NAVINSA has chosen ACTIA to equip its offshore shuttles with entertainment for passengers. This specialised personnel transportation company is particularly attentive to offering its customers the best onboard experience. Its values are therefore in line with ACTIA’s: innovation, safety, comfort and the passenger experience.

A specially designed articulated arm

The contract includes equipping around 35 vessels with a comprehensive onboard entertainment system and content solution. To be more precise, each boat is equipped with 36 smart touchscreens. The 10″ screens are built into the seat backs. The 12″ screens, however, swing out from the seat armrest. ACTIA has designed an articulated arm for these screens, suitable for boat seats. Each screen includes a content launcher in English and Spanish.

Automatic content delivery

To control and update content, the chosen solution includes a remote control system via an application: “Remote Control Navinsa”. It is used to synchronise the screens. The STP-100 server manages the sending of content, videos, films and advertisements to the screens. In addition to its content storage function, the server manages the Wi-Fi delivery of this content to each touchscreen. The unit has a USB 3.0 port to load specific content: information on the shipping company or the destination oil company, for example. Lastly, the system operates using Android for user-friendly, intuitive use.

What are offshore shuttles?

Offshore shuttles are very specialised, powerful boats. They provide personnel transfer services between the coast and offshore sites. Also known as crewboats or fast crewboats, these powerful shuttles are suited for mooring alongside any type of ship or sea drilling platform. They are very manoeuvrable and often have to withstand the elements: strong winds, swell and currents.

This environment, which is generally harsh for electronics systems, is not a problem for ACTIA equipment. Usually built into commercial vehicles such as tourist coaches, our onboard entertainment systems have been designed to withstand vibrations, movements and impacts in motor vehicles.

For these well-equipped shuttles, Navinsa selected ACTIA technology, able to meet the requirements of the offshore industry. As such, ACTIA is helping to equip the highest quality vessels and is ensuring a superior passenger experience.

A broad range of content offered

On its touchscreens that use the latest technology, ACTIA de México offers a broad range of content: CINEMACT.
It provides passengers a continuous feed with a wide variety of content and a broad selection of video distributors, both national and international.

Passengers have access to a range of options:

  • – films ;
  • – TV series ;
  • – documentaries ;
  • – concerts ;
  • – music ;
  • – audio books.

Of course, the system includes the management of onboard safety announcements with data flows appearing in order of priority on the screens.

The ACTIA onboard entertainment systems

ACTIA’s range of smart screens

For ACTIA, it is a priority to keep using cutting-edge technology in our entertainment systems. The video and audio range offers the most advanced products in terms and design and multimedia technology for onboard entertainment. The range of individual screens comes in three different sizes: 7″, 10″ and 12″. Using an Android operating system, browsing the menus is very user-friendly and intuitive. In addition, the smart screens have the latest generation of Wi-Fi. It enables a connection that is three times faster than the previous version.

Popular with major bus and coach stakeholders

For ACTIA de México, it is a priority to use cutting-edge technology in our entertainment systems. Our approach focuses on the passenger onboard experience. This strategy really stands out to major passenger transportation stakeholders. The ACTIA experience in managing onboard entertainment enables the Group to propose very innovative, comprehensive, effective systems. They enable quick access to all multimedia and browsing functions. That is why these systems are regularly selected by stakeholders in the sector.

Group synergy that benefits customers

Within the ACTIA group, we have areas of expertise that complement each other perfectly for the passenger onboard solutions market. The synergy between the Mexican, Brazilian and Spanish subsidiaries really illustrates the grouped expertise of these systems:

  • passenger information systems,
  • onboard entertainment,
  • built-in screens
  • in-seat sound and viewing, etc.

ACTIA de México uses this complementarity to rise to the top of the rankings in very competitive tenders for passenger transportation in Latin America. The Group companies regularly work together and pool their expertise. This approach is a real advantage for the Group and even more so for our global customers, who are the main beneficiaries of this comprehensive expertise.

The partnership with NAVINSA is the first project that ACTIA de México has developed for a customer outside the Bus & Coach sector. It is a wonderful opportunity to show that, owing to their design and durability, ACTIA products can adapt to other demanding markets, including offshore shuttles and many more markets.

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