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Mireo train by Siemens

ACTIA batteries prove their worth on Ortenau rail network in Germany

The first Mireo trains by Siemens Mobility equipped with ACTIA batteries and TOSHIBA LTO(Lithium Titanium Oxide) cells are planned to run on the Ortenau rail network in Germany. The ACTIA battery prototypes were supplied to Siemens for the important first test and evaluation phase. In total it is planned to equip 23 trains with ACTIA batteries. Through this first project, ACTIA affirms its partnership with Siemens Mobility and TOSHIBA LTO cells, for an efficient and clean battery system whose co-design represents a real technological challenge.

An efficient and clean battery technology

By choosing the LTO cells from TOSHIBA, Siemens Mobility opted for a high-performance, clean technology. In addition to their efficiency, the latest generation LTO cells from TOSHIBA provide the battery with good energy density, but most importantly with high safety level and long lifetime. These benefits help to minimize environmental impact of batteries and reduce the operating and maintenance costs incurred by the railway company.

By choosing ACTIA, Siemens Mobility opted for an integrator and an experienced industrial partner offering recognised engineering and integration capabilities in the automotive sector. ACTIA co-designed and co-developed the ideal battery configuration for TOSHIBA LTO cells. Fully customised, the modules and battery packs for the MIREO train are assembled in the ACTIA group’s battery production unit in Salzgitter, Germany.

Reliability and security

This high-tech engineering combines different parameters during the battery design phase. It takes into account the constraints of railway activities: the use of course, but also maintenance and especially safety requirements.

The technological challenge lies in striking the right balance between :

  • – energy density,
  • – battery life,
  • – battery lifespan,
  • – reliability,
  • – and functional safety requirements in the railway market.

The ACTIA offer for Siemens Mobility also includes a Battery Management System (BMS). This system monitors the State of Charge (SoC) and the State of Health (SoH) of the battery. Both, Hardware and Software of the BMS are completely developed inhouse and represent an integral part of ACTIA Power.

Mireo train is the new regional train platform by Siemens Mobility.

The train has a battery autonomy of about 80 to 100 kilometres in actual operating conditions. It is possible to charge the batteries via the catenary while operating along the electrified sections and by recovering the braking energy from the train. The battery system is fitted under the floor and is installed in two separate containers.

This partnership with Siemens Mobility and TOSHIBA is evidence of the growth of ACTIA’s activities in the electric transport sector and more particularly to the group’s ambition in energy storage, in addition to its expertise in power electronics and electric motors.

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