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ACTIA ACTiVi: moving towards a digital cockpit

ACTiVi is ACTIA’s new intelligent infotainment and on-board management system. Connected to a display, this ECU centralises and manages all vehicle functions. ACTIA has designed this new generation CPU in response to the massive influx of multimedia systems in passenger transport vehicles. The innovative platform is a real differentiator for bus and coach manufacturers and public transport operators, improving both the driver and passenger experience.


All the essential features in just a few clicks

Equipped with the latest multimedia and vehicle management features, ACTiVi supports: WIFI, Bluetooth, USB, GNSS, GPS and DAB. This extended connectivity opens up the functional possibilities of this new generation CPU, from managing audio and video sources to viewing cameras on the control display.
ACTiVi is the perfect bridge between the driver and their vehicle. To meet mobility needs, it can be mirrored on the driver’s smartphone.

  • Optimal management of features such as:
  • – Navigation and traffic management,
  • – Audio and video content management
  • – On-board comfort: air conditioning, heater,
  • – Vehicle diagnostics: display of the vehicle’s health status, management of the multiplexed network, etc.
  • – Management of connectivity functions,
  • – Management of driving assistance functions: camera, parking assistance, etc.

Compatible with all types of on-board systems and cockpits

ACTIA ACTiVi is a scalable, flexible solution: it adapts to the requirements of the vehicle architecture, whatever the manufacturer. It can be configured according to the needs of users and vehicle types, and its ergonomic design also means it can be integrated into all types of dashboards and cockpits.

ACTiVi and Activision: the choice of 100% ACTIA configuration

To make the most of ACTiVi’s features, ACTIA offers the option of connecting to its Activision display, thereby creating a monitoring station to suit all kinds of needs. Available in 8″ or 10″, the Activision touchscreen allows the driver to seamlessly manage ACTiVi features in high resolution. Coupled with a GMSL2 connection, this 100% ACTIA solution enhances the ergonomics of the dashboard by creating a simple, centralised cockpit that can be adapted to all configurations.

Complements the original infotainment solution

ACTIVI interfaces with the vehicle’s original monitor through standardised Ethernet and REST API communications. With ACTiVi, OEMs using their own CPUs can add passenger infotainment features and benefit from a comprehensive solution while keeping their specific software system.

With ACTiVi, ACTIA is redesigning the digital cockpit

The role of the bus driver is changing, they have to manage an increasing number of parameters in addition to driving. They have multiple sources of information to do their job: ensuring the safety of passengers and other road users, dealing with traffic, selling tickets, and sometimes even serving as a guide to users.

ACTIA’s approach to UI displays and control units aims to help drivers in all their tasks, delivering information in the clearest, most relevant way possible. ACTIA solutions help drivers to focus on the task at hand.

The ACTiVi in-dash control unit is an open Android platform capable of interacting with other vehicle management systems to create a connected, digital cockpit.

  • The solution is available in two versions:
  • – Light version, for city & intercity buses
  • – High version designed for coaches.

ACTiVi is a 100% ‘Made in Europe’ solution at the heart of the digital cockpit. It enables optimal management of vehicle functionality, contributing greatly to a positive passenger experience and the quality of the transport service operated.


Discover ACTiVi on the ACTIA stand at the FIAA Trade Fair – Madrid
From 18 to 21 October 2022
9C04 Hall 9

Visit ACTiVi website

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