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9 key factors to ACTIA’s success in vehicle inspections

ACTIA is a long-standing player in the area of vehicle inspection solutions and equipment. The Group has developed multiple vehicle testing line configurations on all continents. To date, we have produced over 23,000 lines and generated half of our sales abroad. Our offer suits global needs, which are growing on all continents. On the one hand, the offer meets the constantly-changing regulatory requirements and, on the other, it meets the needs of emerging countries. These countries are embracing the pollution challenges linked to the motor vehicle sector as well as challenges linked to road safety and ageing vehicles on the roads.

With a comprehensive, turnkey offer, ACTIA is one of the leaders in this booming market.
Yet what is this position built on?
Here we reveal the 9 factors to ACTIA’s success in technical inspections all over the world.


The ACTIA vehicle inspection range has well-established, long-standing legitimacy. In 2003, the Group acquired the brand MULLER BEM, the main player in garage and vehicle inspection equipment since 1919! Muller Bem is known by the profession in particular as the inventor of the first test bench – the now celebrated BilanMatic. Now, ACTIA is affirming the desire to offer our customers a line of measurement equipment designed and manufactured in France, and therefore strengthen our position on the technical inspection market.


ACTIA’s offering of vehicle inspection equipment for light vehicles and HGVs as well as two and three-wheeled vehicles is aimed at both vehicle inspection centres and auto diagnostics and repair shops, to perform the preliminary technical inspection, as this is heading towards becoming mainstream. This offer is based on a comprehensive catalogue of turnkey equipment and solutions. ACTIA is therefore proposing a comprehensive inspection line with high added value.

  • – Wheel alignment, suspension and braking benches: BilanMatic XG ;
  • – Emissions check ;
  • – Headlight tester ;
  • – OBD inspection and diagnostics ;
  • – Mobile station ;
  • – Hoisting solutions ;
  • – Vehicle inspection centre management software.


ACTIA equipment has long since proven itself in terms of robustness and reliability. For example, ACTIA supports various emerging countries in their stringent, mass policies to combat motor vehicle pollution and promote road safety. The equipment is therefore really put to the test: sometimes all vehicles across the whole country must be tested. In this context, ACTIA provides the maximum level of services to our customers as regards our lines and software solutions. This is the guarantee of a reliable, stable system for the operator.
With all the experience gained, ACTIA is able to propose top-of-the-range products that meet the strictest quality requirements.


ACTIA equipment is designed and manufactured in France, in Chartres, not far from Paris. In 2019, ACTIA invested €8m to develop this competence centre. The site accommodates a workforce of 148 people, and has the capacity to accommodate 200 people. On the 8,000 m² site dedicated to vehicle inspection equipment, ACTIA integrates all our know-how: from design in the Design Offices to manufacturing in a dedicated production unit.

ACTIA Chartres also has a Metrology laboratory. The mission of the Laboratory is to provide accurate calibration equipment to all the teams, in line with the regulations. Legal Metrology covers all regulatory provisions established by the public authorities, both on a national and European level, to guarantee the quality of the measuring instruments. This expertise at ACTIA concerns gas analysers and smoke opacimeters. The measurements taken with these devices are directly linked to public health challenges. These tools require the acquisition of certificates and approvals so they can be marketed and maintained. These relate to manufacturing, checks and repairs for these instruments.


As you know, in terms of vehicle inspection and garage equipment, ACTIA likes to keep things close to home, and favours products that are “Made in France”. This allows ACTIA to maintain complete control over development and manufacturing processes in a demanding and changing regulatory environment. Note that the exception to this rule is our anti-pollution range, which is the only range developed and produced by our subsidiary ACTIA CZ, a Group centre of expertise located in the Czech Republic.

“Made in France” is appealing on an international level. ACTIA has developed local partnerships with world leaders in the inspection and certification of motor vehicles, such as SGS, OPUS, TUV Rheinland and APPLUS, among others.

The solutions proposed by ACTIA meet the needs of the three major players in vehicle inspections: operators, sole traders and public institutions. These are three opportunities for ACTIA to develop the offering exponentially in this market and demonstrate the capacity to adapt to demand.

ACTIA equipment is present on the main continents in:


The regulatory context of vehicle inspections, regardless of the country, requires regular developments to regulations. This changing regulatory environment affects the configuration and verification of inspection equipment and results in recurring maintenance contracts.

Examples of maintenance contracts:

  • – The calibration of equipment including when technician has to travel ;
  • – Updates of software and databases as part of the quality contract ;
  • – Consumables, including during inspections ;
  • – Preventive maintenance, including of the device ;
  • – Training on equipment ;
  • – Telephone or email assistance ;
  • – Repair of devices within 24-72 h.

ACTIA mainly offers these maintenance contracts in France.
In the context of international contracts, ACTIA updates software. All other types of maintenance contract are dealt with by our distributors.


In this international regulatory environment, ACTIA can also demonstrate expertise, and the strength of the distribution network has a lot to do with this. The ACTIA distribution network extends over five continents and more than 80 countries to offer a truly local service. For vehicle inspection centres, support using our solutions begins at handover and training. Professionals in the sector are guaranteed technical assistance and functional upgrades and operational maintenance of tools on a daily basis.


ACTIA’s mobile vehicle inspection stations have experienced their own success abroad. They are particularly well-suited to remote geographical areas. These stations are used to test the vehicles of individuals or fleets, where it is not possible or cost-effective to install a fixed inspection centre. ACTIA mobile stations are fully modular and contain the same measurement capacities as a fixed centre. ACTIA is the only manufacturer to offer such an extended range of mobile inspection stations. No fewer than five different models feature in our catalogue!

From a station exclusively intended for light vehicles to a mixed station that also accommodates light vehicles, HGVs and two-wheeled vehicles, ACTIA solutions adapt to suit:

  • – The composition of the fleet of motor vehicles,
  • – The anatomy of the population density,
  • – The mobility needs of the inspection organisations,
  • – The environmental and climatic constraints, which are sometimes severe (in the middle of the desert, for example),
  • …and of course the budget capacities of our customers.

Lastly, for both operators and governmental organisations, mobile stations are used to enable us to work closely with customers and cover all motor vehicles with the same quality as an inspection at a fixed centre.


The connectivity of the equipment and the centres with a network approach is another driver for development. The equipment is based on high-tech diagnostics technologies and equipment inter-connectivity. This connectivity contributes to the cost-effectiveness of the workshops regarding returns on investment.
The communicating workshop opens up new possibilities, notably for centralised management and management of multiple sites. Suggesting customers digitise the management of their centres is not only riding the wave of a trendy phenomenon, it enables them to increase sales. Here there is a great opportunity to enhance productivity and ensure returns on investments as soon as possible. ACTIA offers management solutions for innovative, reliable centres.

The VIMS (Vehicle Inspection Management System) is a centralised operational system. It may be equipped with anti-corruption and anti-fraud systems at each step of the inspection: number plate recognition and recognition of digital fingerprints for the inspector at each line. The data are recorded and directly transmitted to governmental authorities thanks to the interconnectivity of all of ACTIA’s equipment. ACTIA’s VIMS manages the whole centre: receipt, inspection and departure of the vehicle. This system is particularly popular among centres with a high output, covering intensive inspection campaigns such as in the Philippines, Chile, Malaysia and Cameroon.

These 9 key factors to success show how, with a globally-renowned portfolio and widely proven expertise, ACTIA is able to support policies that establish or enhance measures related to road safety and motor vehicle pollution worldwide.

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